How To Update Minecraft Server

Updating the Minecraft server is not as straightforward as installing the base game.

Before installing an upgrade it is recommended you take a backup of your files. If you are looking for an end-to-end guide on how to update Minecraft server, you’re in the right place! This guide will help ensure that you do not overwrite existing worlds and data and lose a world that you have spent hundreds or thousands of hours exploring and building.

How to Update Minecraft Server Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Open the Minecraft Server folder on your PC

This folder holds all the important files that you require to run your server.

Step 2 – Create a backup

The configuration files are extremely important and help store your settings. Making a copy of these files before updating the server is important. In case something goes wrong, you can always revert to your old settings which worked seamlessly It is recommended that you back up files such as ops.txt,, banned-players.txt, and banned-ips.txt.

Step 3 – Make a copy of the world folder

The world folder contains all the files associated with the world that you have created. This includes all the details regarding the world that you saved. You can restore it once you have updated the server.

Step 4 – Make a Copy of Start Script

You may be using a special script to launch Minecraft. Store a copy at another location. Whenever you update the server and restart it, you can restore the file and ensure that it works properly.

Step 5 – Delete All Files

When you have a back up of all the important files, you can delete everything in the server folder. By doing so, you ensure that none of the new installations will cause problems with the old files.

Step 6 – Download the new version of Minecraft

Go to and look for the version of Minecraft that you want to download. If you are using a Windows device, then download the .exe file. If you are a Mac or Linux user, then download the JAR files.

Step 7 – Copy New File

Take the new server file and paste it into your folder. Be sure to rename the file if you use a script to start the server. Also, ensure to remove the version number from the end of the file name to make it compatible with the script. For example, if the executable file is named ‘minecraft_server.1.6.exe’, then you should rename it to a standard name such as ‘minecraft_server.exe’ that is recognized by the launch script.

Step 8 – Launch the File

Launch the renamed JAR or EXE file. You will need to give permission to execute this file for the first time. Click on Run’ on the new window that pops up on the screen. A new window will open and the file will run. All the necessary files will get created automatically as the executable file runs.

Step 9 – Close Server

The executable will tell you once all the files have been created. You can then close the window.

Step 10 – Restore Files

Now that once the necessary files have been installed in the right place, it is time to copy the backed-up files back to their original location. Move your world’ folder, script, and other files back to the server folder.

Step 11 – Change a Line in the EULA

Look for the eula.txt’ file. Open the text file. Inside it, you will find a line that says eula=false’. Change that to eula=true’. Save the file and close the notepad or text editor. EULA stands for Minecraft End User License Agreement. The only way to agree to this license agreement is by changing this line in the file. If you don’t do so, the server will not start. It is recommended that you read the Minecraft EULA as well as the contents of the eula.txt’ file before you change the line to true.

Step 12 – Start the Server

You have successfully finished all the steps needed to update your server. You can now start your server and continue playing Minecraft like before, with all the additional features that came with the update.

How to Update Minecraft Server: Video Tutorial

How To Update Minecraft Server Best Tips

  • If you are running a special Minecraft server, such as CraftBukkit, you need to wait for a few extra days after the official update is released.
  • Note that the Minecraft Server folder isn’t already created on your PC. You must create it yourself. If you have already created the folder but are unable to find it, use the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer search feature to locate it.


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