How to Unban Someone in Minecraft

Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time. While its increasing popularity is a good thing, it also increases the prevalence of cheaters, trolls, and individuals who have absolutely no regard for the rules of the community. They can often ruin a fantastic gameplay experience for other players. For this reason, Minecraft allows you to ban players on your server. Sometimes, however, you may want to revert a ban.

How to Unban Someone in Minecraft

This guide will help you understand how to unban someone in Minecraft.

Where Can you Enter Commands?

On a Minecraft server, commands can be entered on the chat window. You can bring up the chat window by pressing T. In the Java Edition, you can bring up the chat window and also add the prefix ’ by pressing the ’ key.

Alternatively, navigate to the Console tab in Management Options of Minecraft. A window that is very similar to Command Prompt on Windows will appear on your screen. You can type in the commands here. If you are using the console, then there is no need to add the ’ prefix.

How to Ban Someone on Minecraft

There are two ways to ban players in Minecraft. One is banning based on the player’s name, and the second is banning based on the player’s IP address. Using both methods at the same time is possible, and is recommended for the best results. Note that only the administrator or OP of the server can issue player and IP bans.

Player Bans

These bans prevent a specific Minecraft account or player from accessing your server. However, it cannot stop the person from creating an alternative account and accessing the server. As you would expect, this type of ban requires you to know the player’s name.

To ban a player from the in-game admin command using the chat window, type in: ban ’. Replace with the name of the specific player that you want to ban.

If you want to ban a player from the control panel console, type in the following: an ’. Again, you must replace with the specific player’s name.

IP Bans

IP Bans prevent players from a specific IP address from accessing your server. They ban the last-known IP address of the player. While IP bans are very effective in certain parts of the world that use static IPs, they aren’t very useful in regions that have dynamic IP addresses. Using both an IP Ban and a Player Ban is ideal to ensure that certain players cannot access the server. Luckily for you, IP Bans do not require you to know the IP address of the player you want to ban. Just their name is enough.

To ban a player using the in-game admin command, just type in the following in the chat window: ban-ip ’ while replacing with the specific player’s name.

If you want to use the console command for the control panel, then you must type in: an-ip ’.

How to Unban Someone on Minecraft

Just like with banning a player, it is possible to unban players with the help of a command. You can use either the in-game command in the chat window or the control panel to unban players.

Remove Player Ban

It is difficult to remember the names of the all the players that you have banned. Viewing the banned list can help you unban someone whenever needed.

To view the banned players list in-game type banlist players’ in the chat window. To view the list of banned players from the console, you can type in anlist players’. A list of all banned players will appear on the screen.

Open up the chat window and type in pardon ’ where is replaced with the specific player.

Alternatively, you can use the control panel command to type in ardon ’ with the player’s name.

Remove IP Ban

Just like with player bans, you can view the list of IP bans with the help of some commands.

To see the list of banned IPs, type banlist ips’ in the in-game chat window. To see the banned IPs list from the console, just type in anlist ips’. This will show the list of all the players who were IP banned.

To unban an IP, open the in-game chat window, and type in ardon-ip ’ and replace with the appropriate name from the list.

To unban directly from the console, you can enter ardon-ip ’, again replacing with the name of the banned player from the list.

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