How to Teleport in Minecraft

Getting lost in the massive world of Minecraft is something that happens to even the best of us, and can be anything from mildly annoying to outright dangerous. Read on to learn how to teleport in Minecraft.

How to Teleport in Minecraft

What Command to Use to Teleport in Minecraft

In the mobile and desktop version of Minecraft, the teleport’ must be used to teleport the player from one location to another.

Teleport to a Position With Absolute Coordinates

In Minecraft, positions are calculated and depicted with the help of coordinates, just like in math. To be precise, the well-known x, y, and z coordinates are used.

Step 1 – Turn on Coordinates

In the game menu, choose Settings, and then select Game. Scroll down to find a section named World Options where you can toggle the Show Coordinates button.

Step 2 – Find Coordinates

To know the exact coordinates of a location, you must travel there and note down the coordinates that appear on the screen.

Step 3 – Type the Command

The teleport command can be typed out in the chat or the command block. Use the following format: /tp @p x y z, where ’, ’, and ’ are the three coordinates of your destination. You can now teleport to any location in Minecraft!

Teleport to Another Entity

Entities in the world of Minecraft refer to animals, arrows, splashed potions, mobs, and so on. The teleport command can instantaneously take you to any entity.

The command used to teleport to an entity follows this pattern: /tp @p @e[type=skeleton, c=1].

Here, the ype’ field refers to the type of entity that you will teleport to. This example will teleport you to the nearest skeleton. The ’ field describes how many entities will be triggered by the command. Here, c=1 refers to just one skeleton out of all the available skeletons in Minecraft.

Teleport Method for Console

On consoles, you only have the feature to teleport to another player’s location in the game.

Step 1 – Load Minecraft World

On consoles, you must host a multiplayer world of Minecraft for teleporting to work. Select the Play Game option at the very top of the first menu. Select any world (either survival or creative mode) and load the game.

Step 2 – Enable Host Privileges

Choose the More Options button in the game’s menu. Under Game Options, look for the Host Privileges box. Press either circle (PS) or B(Xbox) to activate this option. Now, select the Load option at the bottom of the page. A pop-up will appear on the screen with a warning about the consequences of starting a game with hosting privileges. Click on OK.

Step 3 – Return to Game

Press the Back button to open the Host menu. Select Host Options at the top. Now choose the Teleport to Player option. A list of all the available players will appear on the screen. Pick a specific player to whom you want to teleport. You will immediately be transported to their location.

Teleport Method for Mobile

Step 1 – Open a World

Launch the Minecraft app on your mobile. Tap Play on the opening screen and then tap on a world you would like to load.

Step 2 – Activate Cheats

Tap on the Pause icon at the top of the screen. Choose Settings on the left in the menu that appears. You will find a field named Cheats. Tap on the switch below it and move it to the right to activate cheats. If you receive a prompt regarding the choice, tap Continue. Close the menu by tapping on the ’ on the top right, and then select Resume Game.

Step 3 – Bring up Teleport Option

Tap on the Chat icon located to the left of the Pause button. A chat window will appear on the bottom of the screen. Type in tel’ into the bottom part of the window. Select the option named teleport’ that pops up.

Step 4 – Add Details

The command to teleport must look like this: /teleport name x y z. Tap on the Who option and then select your username to replace the ‘name’ field of the command. Next up, tap on the keyboard button on the lower right corner of the window. Enter the ’, ’, and ’ coordinates of your destination. Note that each of these numbers should be separated by a single space.

Step 5 – Teleport

Finally, tap on the Enter icon which is shaped like a chat bubble containing an arrow. Your character will be teleported to the entered coordinates.

Teleport Method for Desktop

Step 1 – Bring up the Console

First, you must open up the console using the ’ key on the keyboard.

Step 2 – Type in the Commands

When the console opens up, type in eleport name x y z’. Replace ame’ in this command with your exact username, and the ’, ’, and ’ with the final coordinates of your destination. Note that the username is case-sensitive. In multiplayer, it is possible to teleport one player to another. For instance, to teleport George to Sam, type in the command teleport George Sam’.

Step 3 – Teleport

Finally, click on the Enter key to teleport.

Bonus Video How to Teleport in Minecraft

Commands to teleport in Minecraft from the official guide here.


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