How to Ride a Llama in Minecraft

Minecraft has several mobile game entities (also called mobs) that can be tamed and used for several purposes. Llamas are a type of neutral mob that can attack the player if provoked. They can, however, be tamed and used for transport. This guide will help you understand how to ride a Llama in Minecraft.

How to Ride a Llama in Minecraft

What Items You Need

In addition to having a Llama that you want to tame, you require the following items.

  • 10 Wheat
  • 5 Hay Bales

How to Tame and Ride a Llama in Minecraft

Step 1 – Find a Llama

The first step to taming Llamas is finding one in the wild. Typically, Llamas can be found in the Savanna, Wooded Mountains, and Extreme Hills biomes. They come in 4 colors – white, creamy, brown, and grey.

Step 2 – Feeding Llamas

The fastest way to tame a Llama is to feed it some food. Using 5 Hay Bales or 10 pieces of Wheat is ideal to feed a Llama. Place the item into your Hotbar, and equip it in your hand. Move close to the llama, and right-click to feed it. As the Llama eats each piece of Wheat or Hay Bale, a distinct eating sound can be heard. Once you have fed enough Wheat or Hay Bales, and attempt to feed it once more, you will hear an angry sound from the Llama. This indicates that you no longer need to feed it and that it is ready to be mounted.

Step 3 – Mounting the Llama

Having won the trust of the Llama by feeding it, it is time to mount the mob. Ensure that you have not equipped any item from the Hotbar. You must only use your hands while mounting the animal. Note that if you haven’t fed enough food to the Llama, it will buck you off whenever you try to mount it. Repeated attempts to mount it will result in you being thrown off until hearts appear on the screen, and the Llama is tamed. It is also possible to tame the Llama without any food by mounting it repeatedly until the hearts appear.

Step 4 – Dismounting the Llama

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to control the movement of the Llama. You cannot put a saddle on it and control its movements, although it is possible to use a lead to guide the Llama around. You can use the Shift key to dismount from the Llama.

What Can You Do With Llamas

Although Llamas cannot be ridden in Minecraft, they have numerous useful purposes that made them worth taming.


Llamas have excellent storage capabilities and can be used to carry items. They can be equipped with a Chest and act as movable storage.

Step 1 – Approach a Tamed Llama

It is only possible to put a Chest on a tamed Llama. If not tamed, either try to mount it repeatedly or feed it to tame the mob.

Step 2 – Place the Chest

Once the Llama has been tamed, place a Chest in your Hotbar. Equip it in your hand and point to the sides of the Llama. Right-click to place it there. Note that if you aren’t careful, and point at the wrong part of the mob, instead of equipping the Chest, you will mount the Llama. Dismount and try again. If you do it correctly, you can see the Chest on the Llama’s side.

Step 3 – Add Items

Once placed on the Llama, the Chest can be used to store items. The number of available slots depends on the Strength of the Llama. Up to 15 slots may be available, although there may be only 3, 6, 9, or 12 for a specific Llama. Use the same key that you would need to open any Chest to access the Llama’s inventory. You can now move items in and out as you wish!


Step 1 – Tame a Llama

Just as with placing a Chest, a Carpet can only be placed on a tamed Llama.

Step 2 – Put a Carpet

A carpet of any color can be put on the Llama. Add the Carpet to the Hotbar. Mount the Llama and then press the key to open the inventory. Move the Carpet from your Hotbar to the box present to the left of the image of the Llama in the inventory menu. When you return to the game, you will see your Llama decorated with the equipped Carpet!

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