How to Port Forward Minecraft Server

Minecraft’s multiplayer mode is incredibly popular across the world. For your friends to access your private server, then you must port forward the Minecraft server that you have set up. This guide will help you understand how to port forward Minecraft server.

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How to Port Forward Minecraft Server


What You Need to Know Before You Port Forward

In order to port forward, you need to know the following.

  • Your router’s IP address
  • The IP address of the device on which you are running Minecraft
  • A list of all the UDP and TCP ports that require forwarding

How to Port Forward Minecraft Server Steps

Accessing the Router Page

Step 1 – Install Minecraft Server

Set up a Minecraft server on your PC. Note that the procedure is different for Windows and Mac.

Step 2 – Find the Default IP Address of Router

To open the router settings and page, you need to know its default IP address.


Click on START, and choose SETTINGS, with a small gear icon. Now select NETWORK AND INTERNET in the new window that appears on the screen. Choose VIEW NETWORK PROPERTIES, and scroll down to the section titled strong>Wi-Fi’. The address next to the section named DEFAULT GATEWAY is your router’s IP address.


Choose SYSTEM PREFERENCES from the APPLE MENU. A new window will appear on the screen. Choose NETWORK, and select WI-FI CONNECTION on the menu on the left. Click on ADVANCED, and select the TCP/IP tab. Note down the IP address next to the section named strong>Router’.

In the same menu, you can find your router’s IP address next to the heading named Pv4’.

Step 3 – Close Minecraft Server and Game

For proper port forwarding, the port must not be in use. Close the Minecraft server if it is open to avoid any errors. You must also quit Minecraft before you do any of the port forwarding activities.

Step 4 – Type in Default Gateway Address

You can access the router page by typing in the router’s IP address that you previously found out in the address bar on any web browser. Usually, it is something similar to

Step 5 – Log on to Router Page

A new page will open on the screen, asking for login credentials. If you do not know these credentials, don’t worry. Most routers have some default credentials that can be used to log into the router page, such as dmin’ for username, and assword’ for the password. Typical, these details can be found on the side or back of the router or in the user manual. If you cannot find the credentials in a user manual or on the router, then check online for the default credentials of that specific model.

Step 6 – Load Router’s Page

If it is your first time accessing the router’s page, it may take a few moments to load completely. You may also be prompted through a tutorial in some cases.

Assigning a Static IP Address

A static IP address is important since you don’t want your IP address to change every time the router is disconnected or switched off. Hence, you will not have to update the IP address every time in the Minecraft server settings.

Step 1 – Find List of Connected Devices

Depending on the router used, the location of the list of devices connected to the router will vary. It may be present in one fo the following menus.

  • Devices
  • Network
  • Settings
  • Connected Devices
  • Advanced Settings

Step 2 – Find your Computer

Once you have found the list of connected devices, scroll through it until you find your computer’s IP address. This should match the address you found next to IPv4 in the router address menu.

Step 3 – IP Address Locking

The exact procedure will vary depending on the router that you have. You may have to check a box that is titled ind’, eserve’, or something similar next to the IP address that you want to reserve. Once you have done this, click on the Apply or Save button. Your router may need to reboot to apply the settings and will do so automatically.

Port Forwarding

Step 1 – Find the Minecraft Port

The default port number for Minecraft is 25565. Unless you have manually changed the port number in the firewall settings, the default port number will not change.

Step 2 – Find Port Forwarding

You can add the port in the Port Forwarding section of your router. If you cannot find it, look inside the Settings and Advanced Settings options. Referring to the router’s manual may help.

Step 3 – Add Details

Type in a name for the port forward rule, such as inecraft’. You can also type in a description if there is an option available. You will then see a page with two options, such as Service Port and Internal Port. Type the Minecraft port number – 25565. Then type in the static IP address of the computer in the P Address’ field. In the ype’ or rotocol’ field, select TCP.

Step 4 – Save Settings

Finally, click on the Apply or Save button to save the settings. Your friends can now use your static IP address and port number 25565 to access your server.

How to Port Forward Minecraft Server Video Tutorial


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