How to Make Scaffolding in Minecraft

Scaffolding is a Minecraft block that safely elevates the player to reach and descend from high places.

How to Make Scaffolding in Minecraft

This particular block is usually used when building structures. For example, you might need scaffolding when building a structure using concrete in Minecraft. This article will discuss the purpose of the Minecraft scaffolding block and how to craft them.

How to Make Scaffolding Minecraft: Video Guide

How to Use the Minecraft Scaffolding Block

The main purpose of scaffolding in Minecraft is to assist you in building high structures. The block possesses some special properties that make this easily achievable. You can build high towers of scaffolding even from the ground. When placing a scaffolding block on top of each other, it appears at the top of the stack without requiring you to climb repeatedly.

After building your scaffolding tower and getting inside it, you can ascend and descend the tower with ease. By pressing the jump button, you get transported up the tower one block at a time. On the other hand, using the crouch command lets you move down a block each time, allowing you to come back down safely.

Once you are finished using your scaffolding tower, it is easy to get rid of it. Destroying the bottom block will automatically destroy the other blocks as well. This lets you take down the entire tower at once and relocate them when needed.

Scaffolding Block Placement

The placement of Minecraft scaffolding is different compared to the other blocks in the game. When pressing use on a scaffolding block’s side, the new block is added on top of that location. Pressing use on the top face adds scaffolding blocks to the side, depending on the direction you’re facing.

When sneaking, pressing use on the scaffolding’s top face will place a new scaffolding block on top of the targeted block. If this is not the case, the new block is placed under the target block if applicable. Lastly, pressing use on the sides when in sneak mode allows you to place blocks on the sides as you do with other blocks.

Here are some variations, depending on the edition you are playing:

  • Both Java and Bedrock Editions – only six scaffolding blocks can be placed from its base of support, blocks that are placed further will fall to the ground.
  • Bedrock Edition – scaffolding blocks can’t be placed inside lava. If you place a block next to fire or lava, it is automatically destroyed. The same applies when the scaffolding block falls into fire or lava.
  • Java Edition – scaffolding blocks can be placed in lava. However, the blocks will burn after a certain time.

Breaking Scaffolding Blocks

A scaffolding block may be broken easily without the need for any tools. Because the block requires support, the loss of support results in it dropping as an item. In the Bedrock Edition, axes are used to break scaffolding

How to Make Scaffolding Minecraft

Knowing the uses and placement rules of scaffolding is necessary to understand how this particular block works. Regarding how to make scaffolding, Minecraft users will find these steps very helpful.

Required Items to Make a Scaffolding in Minecraft

To craft scaffolding in Minecraft, you need these materials:

  • 6 Bamboo
  • 1 String


You can craft a scaffolding block using the crafting table, generating 9 scaffolding with each crafting process. Here are the steps in making scaffolding:

  • After acquiring the required materials and having them in your inventory, open the crafting menu. You will then be presented with the crafting grid consisting of 3×3 blocks.
  • To craft scaffolding, you need to arrange the bamboo and string on your crafting grid. Each item must be located in a specific position, following the particular recipe to be provided below. When you have successfully placed each material into the corresponding slot, the scaffolding block will appear to the right of the crafting grid.
  • Here is the crafting recipe for scaffolding:
  • First Row: bamboo, string, bamboo
  • Second Row: bamboo, none, bamboo
  • Third Row: bamboo, none, bamboo

After successfully following these steps, you can now proceed to move your newly-crafted scaffolding into your inventory. Since a single block of scaffolding is not very useful on its own, it is advised to gather a great amount of bamboo and string to craft scaffolding in several batches.

If you are going to build a very high structure, you’ll surely need lots of scaffolding as well. Crafting many scaffolding blocks in one go will save you time and effort.


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