How to Make Paper in Minecraft

Paper is one of the most versatile items in the world of Minecraft. It is vital for numerous advanced crafting actions. Luckily for you, Paper is easy to craft in the game. Follow this guide to know how to make Paper in Minecraft.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft

Required Materials to Make Paper in Minecraft

If you are making paper from scratch, you will need the following items.

  • 1 Wood
  • 3 Sugar Canes

Step by Step Guide on How to Make Paper in Minecraft

Building a Crafting Table

A Crafting Table is one of the most fundamental tools in Minecraft. Without it, you cannot create any of the elaborate items and tools that are essential for survival mode.

Step 1 – Gather wood

You will need some Wood to make a crafting table. To collect Wood, you must punch a tree. Approach any tree in the game, and use the left mouse button to punch it. Wood will now appear in your inventory.

Step 2 – Initial Crafting Grid

Open up your inventory and see a set of 4 empty boxes arranged in a 2×2 grid. This is your initial Crafting Grid. You can use it to craft some very basic items. Place Wood into any one of the slots. 4 Wood Planks will appear on the box to the right of the arrow.

Step 3 – Making a Crafting Table

Once you have collected the 4 Wood Planks, you can use them to make a crafting table. Place 1 Wood Plank in each of the slots of the 2×2 grid on the left side. A new item appears on the box to the right. This is the Crafting Table!

Step 4 – Place Crafting Table

Using the right mouse button, place the Crafting Table at a suitable location that you can easily find and access.

Making Paper

Step 1 – Look for Sugar Cane

Now that you have a Crafting Table, you must go in search of Sugar Cane to craft Paper. Sugar Canes can usually be found beside water bodies in the Overworld, and look like reeds or tall bamboo.

Step 2 – Gather Sugar Cane

Just punch at Sugar Cane just as you did when you collected Wood. Make sure to collect 3 pieces of Sugar Cane.

Step 3 – Craft Paper

Open the Crafting Table’s menu by clicking on the right mouse button while facing it. A 3×3 grid will appear on the screen. Place 1 Sugar Cane in each slot along any row of the grid, for a total of Sugar Canes. Paper will appear on the right slot of the menu. You have now crafted Paper!

Paper Usage in Minecraft

Paper serves as one of the fundamental elements to make numerous fun and incredibly useful items in Minecraft.


3 pieces of Paper and 1 piece of Leather can be used to make a Book. Books can be used to craft several other decorative and useful items in Minecraft.

As the name suggests, Banner Patterns in Minecraft can be used to customize banners. To make a Banner Pattern. you will need 1 piece of Paper and one of the following items – Vines, Creeper Head Bricks, Oxeye Daisy, Wither Skeleton Skull, or an Enchanted Golden Apple. Depending on the specific item used along with Paper, a different Banner Pattern is obtained.

Cartography Table

Cartography Tables in Minecraft can be used to clone, expand, lock, and zoom out maps. You require 2 pieces of Paper, and 4 Wood Planks of any type to make a Cartography Table.


Maps are one of the most essential tools in Minecraft and allow you to easily navigate its vast world. To make an empty map, you will need 9 pieces of Paper. To craft an empty map that also contains the current location of the player, you will need 8 pieces of Paper and 1 Compass.

Firework Rocket

Firework rockets can be crafted to create fancy explosions in Minecraft. Using 1 piece of Paper, and 1, 2, or 3 Gunpowder you can craft a rocket that does not have any explosion effects. If you add a Firework Star to the previous ingredients, you will craft a rocket that has explosion effects. The effects and duration of the explosion vary depending on the type of Firework Star and the number of Gunpowders used respectively.

Enchantment Tables

Enchantment Tables are one of the most powerful and useful tools in Minecraft. Crafting an Enchantment Table indirectly makes use of Paper. An Enchantment Table requires 4 Obsidian, 2 Diamond, and a Book, which can be created using Paper.

Bonus Video How to Make Paper in Minecraft

Learn more about paper in Minecraft here.


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