How to Make Obsidian in Minecraft

Although it is not an essential item in the early stages of the game, obsidian is a very important resource as you progress. Since it is one of the strongest elements in the game, it can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe. There are several ways in which you can obtain this elusive item. This guide will explore each of these ways and teach you how to make obsidian in Minecraft.

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Required Materials to Make Obsidian in Minecraft

You will require:

  • A diamond pickaxe
  • Buckets to transport lava and water

How to Make Obsidian in Minecraft Step-by-Step Guide

Procedure 1: Traditional Approach

Step 1: Craft a diamond pickaxe

This highly durable pickaxe can be crafted using 3 diamonds and 2 sticks placed on a crafting table. Arrange three diamonds in the first row of the 3×3 grid and then add two sticks to the remaining two squares of the second column. Drag and drop the newly generated diamond pickaxe into your inventory.

Step 2: Look for a lava pool

Lava pools can sometimes be hard to find if you don’t dig deep enough. You will have to explore underground caves and ravines to find a sufficiently large deposit of lava. Strongholds are also great places to find massive volumes of lava. Use blocks of dirt to enclose the area in which the lava pool is located.

Step 3: Empty a buckets of water on the lava

Obsidian is formed as soon as water comes in contact with non-flowing lava. As long as you have poured the water one level above the lava, the water will flow down and turn the surface of the lake into obsidian.

Step 4: Mine the material

Use your diamond pickaxe to mine the freshly formed obsidian. Continue mining the material to allow your deposit of water to flow in a controlled manner, eventually converting the entire lava pool into obsidian. Since only the surface of the lake might have been morphed into obsidian, it is always a good idea to stand at the edge of a platform while mining. If you stand directly above an obsidian block and attempt to mine it, you might plunge into the lava below.

If you want to create obsidian in a particular area, you can achieve this by digging a hole in the ground and filling it with lava. You will then need to manually pour water over the stagnant lava to create a block of obsidian.

Procedure 2: Infinite Obsidian Generator

Step 1: Build a portal to the nether

Assuming that you have found enough obsidian to build a portal to the nether, you can potentially generate an infinite supply of obsidian using this method. Create a 5×4 rectangle of obsidian blocks and activate the nether portal using flint. Ensure that this portal is in a sealed-off location near your in-game residence.

Step 2: Dive into the nether

The nether is a hellish world with several hostile mobs. It is best to go prepared with weapons, adequate food, and potions. Once inside, you will have to make your way through the barren landscape in any direction. Try to look for a safe, reusable path.

Step 3: Build another portal in the nether

Once you have traveled a sufficient distance, start building another portal. You can now use this portal to travel back to the Overworld. When you leap through the portal and appear in the Overworld, you will find yourself in a different location from where you started. If you appeared in the same starting location, you can conclude that you did not travel far enough in the nether. A new portal would have generated to facilitate your journey back to the Overworld if you did this step right. You now have an extra portal that can be destroyed and mined for 14 obsidian blocks. Head back to your original portal and repeat the process.

Best Tips to Make Obsidian in Minecraft

Besides being the only block that can be used to make a nether portal, obsidian is also useful as a general-purpose building material. If you want to make a room with indestructible walls, obsidian is the way to go. Inversely, it can also be used as a trap chamber containing explosives. Any explosion that happens in this chamber will not affect the rest of the building. With a jaw-dropping blast resistance of 6000, not even TNT can blow up structures made of obsidian. It is important to note, however, that skeleton skull attacks launched by the Wither can damage walls made of obsidian.


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