How to Make Arrows in Minecraft

Weapons form an integral part of Minecraft and are useful for protecting you from the various hostile mobs present in the game. While melee weapons such as swords and axes are great to use, a bow and arrow allows for ranged combat and makes the game much more interesting. Luckily, bows and arrows are easy to craft in the game. Read this guide to learn how to make Arrows in Minecraft.

How to Make Arrows in Minecraft

What You Need to Make Arrows in Minecraft

In addition to a Crafting Table, you will require the following item to make Arrows.

  • 1 Stick
  • 1 Flint
  • 1 Feather

How to Make Arrows in Minecraft

Step 1 – Gather Ingredients for Arrows

Sticks can be crated from Wood. Approach any tree and chop it down using just your hands or an ax to obtain Wood. Wood can be converted to Wood Planks with the help of a Crafting Table. Wood Planks can then be converted to a Stick, again with the aid of a Crafting Table. You can obtain Flint while mining Gravel. Gravel appears as blocks of grey and is fairly easy to find. Although you can use any tool to mine Gravel, a shovel is the fastest and allows you to find Flint much more quickly. You can find Feathers by killing chickens in Minecraft.

Step 2 – Crafting Arrows

Select a Crafting Table to open the Crafting Menu with the 3×3 grid. You must place the items in a particular pattern to craft Arrows in Minecraft. In the second slot of the top row, place Flint. In the second slot of the middle row, place one Stick. Finally, in the second slot of the last row, place a Feather. You have now successfully crafted Arrows!

Step 3 – Move to Inventory

Move the 4 Arrows from the right side of the Crafting Menu into your inventory,

Step 4 – Making a Bow

To use the crafted Arrows, you will require a Crossbow or Bow. To craft a bow, you will require 3 Sticks and 3 Strings. Sticks, just like you did for the Arrows, can be made using Wooden Planks. Strings can be obtained by killing spiders, or by mining webs in mineshafts. By arranging these materials in a specific order on the Crafting Grid, you will obtain a Bow!

How to Make Arrows in Minecraft Video Guide

How to Use Arrows in Minecraft


The speed of an arrow determines the amount of damage dealt by it. An unenchanted bow that is fully charged will do 9 damage, with a small chance to do 10 points of damage. A medium charged bow will deal 6 points of damage, while a bow with no charge will inflict 1 point of damage. As soon as the target is hit, there is a 0.5 second period during which no further damage is inflicted even if the target is hit with another arrow. When mobs are hit by arrows during this cooldown period, they fall to the ground and lose all their speed.

Redstone Circuits

Arrow can be used to activate tripwires, targets, wooden pressure plates, and wooden buttons. This is particularly useful when creating complicated circuits using Redstone that require activation at several points. As long as the arrows are stuck in the switch, they remain activated until they despawn after a minute. Switches made of other materials, however, are not affected by arrows.


Explosions in Minecraft also affect Arrows that are in flight. They can be particularly useful for increasing the speed of an arrow and thereby causing increased damage.


  • In order to increase the chances of finding Flint, you can enchant your shovel with Fortune. At level 1 of the enchantment, you will have a 14% chance of finding Flint while mining Gravel. At level 2, it goes up to 25%. At level 3 you have a 100% chance of finding Flint whenever you mine Gravel.
  • Bows and arrows are particularly useful for killing Creepers. Creepers set off deadly explosions when killed, often causing a great deal of damage to the player. Using a bow to kill Creepers from a distance can help you avoid any damage from the explosions.
  • If you use any Lingering Potion with 8 Arrows on Minecraft PC, you will craft 8 Tipped Arrows having that Potion effect. This can be useful to set things on fire, deal more damage, and so on.
  • Arrows are the only objects that are capable of going through non-solid blocks in Minecraft such as cobwebs, strings, dead bushes, and open fence gates.
  • More about arrows in Minecraft here.


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