How to Make a Village in Minecraft

Villages in Minecraft

A village in Minecraft refers to a group of buildings that have been inhabited by villagers. Typically, villages automatically spawn in the numerous biomes of Minecraft such as Desert, Snowy Tundra, Savannah, Taiga, Plains, and Snowy Taiga. The number of villagers that are present in the village depends on the number of houses that have beds.

Villages and villagers are important for trading. The more the number of villagers, the more the selection of items that can be traded with them, and the higher the chance of finding valuable items. You can trade with villagers using Emeralds.

If you are looking to make your own little village, this guide will help you understand how to make a village in Minecraft.

How to Make a Village in Minecraft

Step 1 – Build Houses for Villagers

Houses are incredibly important for villages. They are the only structures that spawn with beds, which controls the number of villagers that are present in the village. Constructing new houses is the first step to expanding your village. Also, ensure that you build some houses without beds so that the villagers can be employed at job sites in these buildings.

Step 2 – Maximise the Number of Beds

To maximize the number of beds that you can have inside each house, do not conform to the traditional layout of the other spawned houses. All you need is a basic structure with a door, a roof, and walls. You can even build an apartment with numerous rooms, and with multiple beds in each of these rooms. At night, zombies spawn and can turn the villagers into zombie villagers! Ensure that the inside of your homes are lit up with torches so that enemies don’t spawn inside. If your villagers are sleeping outside, then they will be attacked by skeletons, zombies, and creepers. Avoid putting beds out in the open at all costs.

Step 3 – Find Zombie Villagers

Five percent of the zombies that spawn at night are zombie villagers. Just like any other hostile mobs, zombie villagers will attack you and other villagers. There is also a two percent chance of zombie villages spawning. These are full of zombie villagers, and there are no light sources in the entire village. Bring some Golden Apples and Potions of Weakness with you to cure these villagers.

Step 4 – Cure Zombie Villagers

Curing zombie villagers can be quite challenging, especially when there are many of them in a single area. Using a Potion of Weakness can help to a great extent. Once you splash a Potion of Weakness on them, you need to feed a Golden Apple to zombie villagers and wait for approximately 3 minutes to cure them. To cure them faster, trap the zombie villagers behind iron bars, and use Golden Apples. Note that after a village is cured, they may be attacked by the other zombie villagers.

To brew a Potion of Weakness, you require Mushrooms, Sugar, Blaze Powder, Gunpwoeder, Water Bottle, and Spider Eyes. First, open the Crafting Grid. Place Mushroom in the first slot of the top row. Place Sugar in the second slot fo the top row. Finally, place the Spider Eye in the second slot of the middle row, You will obtain Fermented Spider Eye with this recipe. Next up, place the Fermented Spider Eye over a Water Bottle to brew a Potion of Weakness. Make sure to activate the Brewing Stand with the help of Blaze Powder. Finally, you must turn the Potion of Weakness into a splash potion using Gunpowder on the Brewing Stand.

To craft a Golden Apple, you require an Apple and 8 Gold Ingots. Open the Crafting Grid, and place the Apple at the center. Then place the 8 Gold Ingots all around the Apple. You will obtain a Golden Apple.

Step 5 – Transport Villagers

It is possible to build a rail system that takes villagers from one village to another. Doing so, however, takes a lot of time and resources, especially if you travel long distances. An easier solution is to lure villagers away with beds.

1 – Wait for villagers to enter their homes at night to sleep.

2 – Now, break the bed that the villager is sleeping on.

3 – Place the bed a short distance away, in the direction of the village you want to move them to.

4 – Wait for the villager to walk to this bed and sleep.

5 – Break the bed again, and place it some more distance away.

6 – Repeat this process until the villager reaches your village.

Video Tutorial How to Make a Village in Minecraft


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