How to Make a Saddle In Minecraft

Saddles are an incredibly useful item in the world of Minecraft. Saddles, however, are rare items in the game and cannot be easily found. Unless you know how to teleport in Minecraft you’ll need one.

If you have wondered how to make a saddle in Minecraft, this guide will help you out.

How to Make a Saddle In Minecraft

What is a Saddle in Minecraft?

Saddles are an item that can be placed on any type of rideable entity in Minecraft. These entities are not rideable unless you place a saddle on them. In Minecraft, you can ride horses, donkeys, mules, and pigs with the aid of a saddle.

Make a Saddle in Minecraft

Unfortunately, it is impossible to make a saddle in Minecraft. The only way to obtain one is to find them throughout the game. Saddles can be found in chests located around the game, as random loot while fishing, as loot for killing a Ravager, or by trading with villagers.

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft Survival Mode

There are 6 ways of finding a saddle in Minecraft’s survival mode

1. Fishing

Cast your fishing line into the water. Keep a close eye on the bobber to see when you must reel your line in. As soon as you see the bobber go under the water, reel in the fishing line. You will usually observe a line of bubbles approaching the line just before it dips underwater. Although the chances of finding a saddle this way are extremely low, this is one of the simplest methods.

2. Chest in the Nether Fortress

The Nether Fortress is a structure that looks like a castle and is located in the Nether. To access the Nether, you will need to create a Nether portal. Once you have traveled to the Nether from the Overworld, you need to find a Nether Fortress. The Fortress contains numerous hidden chests that contain valuable items. Open these chests to see what’s inside. If you’re lucky, you may find a saddle!

3. Chest in a Dungeon

Dungeons are located underground and contain a monster spawner at the center. They typically have 1 or 2 chests located in them. To look for dungeons, switch to Spectator mode, and explore underground. Once you have found a dungeon, just switch back to Survival mode and make your way to it. There is a good chance that one of the valuable items in these chests is a saddle!

4. Fight a Ravager

Ravagers are a relatively new addition to the game and are monsters that will attack you on sight. They are quite formidable foes and can deal a ton of damage if you aren’t careful. To fight a Ravager, you must first trigger Raid. This can be achieved by killing a Pillager Captain found in Illager patrols and Pillager outposts. When you kill a Captain, you will receive a Bad Omen status effect that triggers a Raid. You will need to make it through 3 waves of Raids to spawn the Ravager. If you manage to defeat the Ravager, you can loot it for a saddle!

5. Trade with a Leatherworker Villager

Leatherworker villagers wear a white apron and can be traded with for a saddle. You may anywhere between 17 to 26 emeralds to unlock and buy a saddle from leatherworkers. First up, you will need to trade 2 to 4 emeralds for a pair of leather pants. Once you have made the purchase and closed the trading window, you will advance the leatherworker to the next tier. You can now purchase a leather tunic for 7 to 12 emeralds. Close the window again to advance to the next tier. Now, you’ll be able to purchase a saddle for 8 to 10 emeralds.

6. Locate a Village Blacksmith

There is a good chance of finding a blacksmith in the various villages in the game. Chests present in the blacksmith’s building have a 16% chance of containing a saddle.

How to Get a Saddle in Minecraft and How to Use it

Once you have found a saddle in the game, you must first tame a wild animal to use it on them.

Step 1

Approach a wild animal, such as a horse, mule, or donkey with an empty hand. Please note that you must select an empty slot on your Hotbar to tame the animal. Get close to the animal and try to mount it. You will be thrown off. Repeatedly try to mount the animal. You will see that the animal allows you to sit for a little bit longer each time after being thrown off. Finally, when the animal is tamed, you will see red hearts appear all around it, and the animal will no longer throw you off.

Step 2

Open your inventory while you are on the tamed animal. Ensure that the saddle is available to be used.

Step 3

Place the saddle in the saddle slot to the left of the image of the animal. Now you will be able to move around on the animal with the same controls as you would on foot.

Step 4

To remove a saddle from an animal, select the animal and take the saddle out of its inventory.

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