How to Make a Map in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is incredibly massive. Having a map is critical in ensuring that you never get lost. If you’re wondering how to make a map in Minecraft, this comprehensive guide will put you on the right track!

How to make a map in minecraft

Items Needed to Create a Map in Minecraft

You will need 4 different items:

  • 9 Sugar Canes
  • 4 Iron Ores
  • Redstone
  • Pile Fuel

How to Craft a Map in Minecraft

Step 1

Like with everything else that can be crafted in Minecraft, you will first need a crafting table and furnace. The crafting table is used to create the map and its numerous elements. The furnace will be used to make parts for assembling a compass that goes with the map

Step 2

Next up, you will need to gather resources. Sugar canes are light green stalks usually find near water. Iron Ore is represented by a gray block with flecks of orange on it. Just make sure you mine Iron Ore with a stone pickaxe. Redstone can be found beginning from layer 16, so you’ll have to dig quite deep to find it. Finally, any type of fuel, such as coal, charcoal or 4 blocks of wood can be used as fuel

Step 3

Now it is time to use the furnace. Open the furnace by tapping (mobile), using right-click (PC), or left-trigger (console). Add Iron Ore to the top box and the fuel to the bottom square of the interface. The furnace will run and Iron Ingots will be created. Select the Iron Ingots from the furnace interface and move it into your inventory. On mobile, just tapping an item will transfer it to your inventory, while in the console editions you will need to press triangle (PS) or Y (Xbox) after selecting the item.

Step 4

Select the crafting table. Place the pile of Redstone in the center of the 3×3 grid. Then place an Iron Ingots directly above, to the left, to the right, and bottom of the Redstone pile. An icon of a compass will appear on the right. On mobile, you will have to tap on the ‘Equipment’ tab present on the left end of your screen, and then tap the compass icon. On the console versions, select the ‘Equipment’ tab, and press X (PS) or A(Xbox) on the compass icon. Move the compass to your inventory, just as before.

Step 5

Next up is making paper. Place 3 Sugar Canes in each block of the middle row on the crafting interface (a total of 9 Sugar Canes). You will now have 9 pieces of paper. Move them to your inventory. Didn’t quite get how to make paper in Minecraft? You can read the full detailed guide here.

Step 6

In the crafting grid, place the compass in the center square, and one piece of paper in the 8 remaining squares. A tan piece of paper should appear on the right, which is the map. Move the map to your inventory. You now know how to make a map in Minecraft.

How to Use and Expand the Map

Now that you have an empty map, it is time to fill it up.

Step 1

You must add the empty map in the equip bar present on the bottom of the screen. The map will fill up as you move around the world while holding it. Note that you must actively equip the map for it to fill as you explore the world.

Step 2

You can bring up the map view by pressing the right mouse button (PC), left trigger (Console), or tapping and holding the screen (mobile). If this is the first time you are using the map, then it will take a few seconds to fill up. The map will fill in the direction that you are currently facing. The player indicator is a small white oval that shows your current location.

Step 3

The world will appear in a top-down view. As you walk around a bit, the edges of the map will fill with data. The first map that you create will only fill until all the space on it is occupied. Maps do not scroll, and you’ll have to expand it to see more of the world.

Step 4

You can increase the size of a map up to 4 times, and each time the map doubles in size. For each map level up, you will need 8 pieces of paper. Select the crafting table and place your map in the center square of the grid. Fill the remaining 8 squares with paper, just as you did when creating the map. Finally, move the resulting map into your inventory. Repeat this process 3 more times to get a map that is 16 times the size of the original.

How to Make a Map in Minecraft Best Tips

Maps can only be used in the Overworld. They do not work at the End of the Nether worlds. Making a map in the Nether will result in it being completely black. There is, however, a way to know where a portal is relative to your position in the Nether.

If you start your map at a portal, then the portal’s location will be locked to the center of that map. You can work out your relative position with the help of the player indicator. It is possible to create a huge wall-sized map. Place frames on a wall, select a map, select an appropriate frame, and repeat the process with maps from other sections of the Minecraft world.

To know more about maps in Minecraft you can take a look here.

How to Make a Map in Minecraft Bonus Video


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