How to Make a Loom in Minecraft

Customizations form the heart of Minecraft. Whether it is building their own home, protection again enemies, or just hanging Banners around, there are several aspects that a player can build or modify as they desire. A Loom is required to make customizable banners. This guide will help you learn how to make a Loom in Minecraft.

Required Items to Make a Loom in Minecraft

In order to craft a Loom, you require the following items in addition to a Crafting Table.

  • 2 Strings
  • 2 Wood Planks of any type

How to Make a Loom in Minecraft Step-by-Step

Step 1 – Gather Ingredients

Strings and Wood Planks can be crafted using some items that are found in Minecraft. Approach any tree in Minecraft, and you can mine Wood by punching the tree or using an ax. Wood Planks can be crafted from Wood with the help of a Crafting Table. Open the 3×3 Crafting Grid by selecting the Crafting Table. Place a Wood Log in the center of the grid to obtain 4 Wood Planks of the same type. To craft a String, you need Cobwebs. Alternatively, you can kill Spiders to obtain String. It is recommended to go in search of Spiders at night since they spawn more often.

Step 2 – Open Crafting Menu

Go to a Crafting Table and select it. A 3×3 grid will appear on your screen. This is the Crafting Grid where you can add ingredients to make an item. You must place the items in a specific pattern to obtain a Loom. In the top row of the grid, place a String in the first and second slots and leave the third slot empty. In the middle row, place a Wood Plank in the first and second slots and leave the third slot empty. In the bottom row, all the slots are left empty. This is the recipe to craft a Loom.

Step 3 – Move to inventory

If you have placed the items in the correct pattern, a Loom will now appear on the right side of the Crafting Menu. You can move it to your inventory.

How to Make Loom in Minecraft Video Guide

How To Use a Loom In Minecraft

Customisable Banners

You can use a Loom to create customizable banners.

Step 1 – Place Loom

Place the crafted Loom in your Hotbar. Position the pointer to the exact block where you want to place the newly made Loom. The block will get highlighted with a dark boundary in your window. Click or tap to place the Loom on this block.

Step 2 – Gather Items

You need a Banner and a Dye of any color to use the Loom. Optionally, you can also choose a particular Banner Pattern. A Banner Pattern will let you choose nice looking and fancy patterns but is not necessary to use a Loom.

Step 3 – Opening Loom Menu

The Loom Menu can be accessed just as you would access a Crafting Menu on a Crafting Table. Go near it, and select it to bring up a new screen. The Loom Menu will have 3 distinct sections.

Step 4 – Place Items

The first section on the left has 3 slots, one for a Banner, one for a Dye, and one for a Banner Pattern. Place a Banner of any color in the first slot. This will be the background color of the new Banner that you create. Next, choose a Dye of a particular color. Note that the new pattern created will be of the same color. A few basic patterns will be available with just a Banner and Dye. For more intricately designed and complicated patterns, you can place a Banner Pattern in the third slot of the first section. For example, if you have a Creeper Banner Pattern, then a pattern of a Creeper’s face will appear on your Banner in the color of the Dye used.

Step 5 – Move to Inventory

Once you have made the banner that you wanted, move it to your inventory. Note that the Banner and the Dye get used up. The Banner Pattern can be moved back to your inventory and resued again later.

Changing Profession

Unemployed villagers can change their profession to a shepherd if there is an unclaimed Loom present in the same village.


Since one of the key ingredients to make a Loom is Wood Planks, they can be used as fuel for a Furnace.


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