How to Make a Lead in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a ‘lead’ is an item that is commonly used to restrict or control the movement of certain mobs. This guide will give you all the information that you’ll need on how to make a lead in Minecraft and use it effectively.

How to Make a Lead in Minecraft

Required Items and Materials to Make a Lead

To make a lead, you will need:

  • 4 Strings
  • 1 Slimeball

How to Make a Lead in Minecraft Step-by-Step

Step 1

A Crafting Table is the first essential aspect of making a lead. If you have finished setting up a crafting table, you can skip to the next step. If not, open the crafting grid and place any four wood planks in a 2×2 square formation. Alternatively, you can also find naturally generated crafting tables in igloo basements, witch huts, or village libraries.

Step 2

With your Crafting Table in place, you’ll have to gather the required ingredients. Strings can be obtained by fishing, breaking cobwebs, looting jungle temples, or as a gift from one of your tamed cats. Bartering with Piglins or killing spiders, however, are the most straightforward means of obtaining strings. Slimeballs are frequently dropped by Slimes that are found in swamps.

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Step 3

Head back to your crafting table and select it. Once the 3×3 crafting grid pops up, you will need to place each of the items in a particular pattern to successfully create a lead. Begin by positioning the slimeball in the center of the grid. Drop two strings in the first and second blocks (from the left) in the first row. Place one more string in the first block (left-most block) of the second row. Finally, drop the fourth string in the last block of the third row (right-most block).

Step 4

Once the item has been crafted, an icon will appear on the right. Click on the icon and move it into your inventory to begin using it. You now know how to craft a lead in Minecraft! If you do not wish to go through the entire procedure of manually crafting a lead, you can try taking it from a dead Trader Llama or Wandering Trader.

Using the Newly Crafted Lead

Find any animal or mob that you wish to tie, and right-click on the entity to leash it with your lead. It’s as plain as that! You can now move it around as you like. Leads can also be used to tie a mob to a fence post. To achieve this, simply right-click on your target mob and then point your cursor at any fence post. Your animals still need to graze, so don’t keep them bound to a fence for too long! As long as you have more string to spare, you can continue creating a chain of animals by consecutively right-clicking on them.

Ranging from cows to snow golems, your freshly crafted lead will work on a wide variety of utility mobs and passive mobs. Here are a few facts to keep in mind while using leads:

Although you are allowed to use leads on multiple mobs simultaneously, every mob will require a separate string to control.

Once a mob has been tied to a fence, it is unlikely to wander more than 5 blocks away from the knot on the fence. A single fence post can accommodate multiple knots.

If you wish to detach the string from the mob, right-click on the mob again, or simply remove the whole fence post. Hitting the knot or shooting the lead with an arrow also works. In most cases, this will cause an item to drop near the released mob. There is, however, one exception – If a mob dies with a lead still attached to it, the lead does not break.

Limitations to Using a Lead in Minecraft

There are several limitations to using a lead. It is important to note that a lead cannot stretch beyond 10 blocks while remaining intact. Mobs can continue to attack the player after being leashed to a fence. Wolves can only be leashed when they are not angry. If the wolf was leashed before it got angry, the lead will remain on the animal.

While leads can safely restrain normal Hoglins, these creatures can break free the moment they morph into Zoglins.

Leads will instantly get detached if the leashed mob walks through a nether portal.

You will often be required to break a boat if you wish to release a mob that is stuck inside it. You can avoid breaking the boat by attaching a lead to the trapped mob and pulling the mob out.

Bonus Video

Learn more about how to make a lead in Minecraft here.


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