How to Make a Ladder in Minecraft

Exploration forms a very big part of Minecraft. You can explore caves, dungeons, mineshaft, and many more interesting areas in the game. During your adventures and building escapades, you need a tool that can help you climb up. This is where a Ladder is very handy. A Ladder can aid your character in climbing up a wall that cannot be jumped over. This guide will help you understand how to make a Ladder in Minecraft.

Required Materials to Make a Ladder in Minecraft

In addition to a Crafting Table, you require 7 Sticks to make a Ladder.

How to Craft a Ladder in Minecraft

Step 1 – Gather Ingredients

You require 7 Sticks to make a Ladder. Sticks can be crafted from Wood Planks. Wood Planks can be obtained from Wood. Approach any of the numerous trees in Minecraft. Use an ax to break the tree and mine Wood Logs. Place the Wood Log at the center of the Crafting Grid. You will obtain 4 Wood Planks. Close and reopen the Crafting Grid. Place 1 Wood Plank in the second slot of the top row and another Wood Plank in the second slot of the bottom row. You will obtain 4 Sticks.

Step 2 – Crafting a Ladder

Select the Crafting Table to open the Crafting Menu. The 3×3 grid will appear on the screen. You must place the Sticks in a specific pattern to make a Ladder. In the top row of the grid, place a Stick in the first and third slots, and leave the second slot empty. In the middle row, place a Stick in all 3 slots. In the bottom row, place a Stick in the first and third slots, and leave the second slot empty. This is the recipe to craft a Ladder.

Step 3 – Move to Inventory

If you have placed the items in the exact pattern as described above, a Ladder will now appear on the right side of the Crafting Menu. Move it to your inventory.



You must keep in mind a few points while placing Ladders in Minecraft,

  • Ladders cannot be placed on Leaves, Ice, Glowstone, or Glass blocks.
  • Ladders occupy a single block on the side on which they are placed.

How They Work

Whenever your character’s lower half is in the same block as a Ladder, it will take effect.

  • If you are holding a 1×1 haft, then it is possible to go up the ladder using the jump key rather than the one for horizontal movement.
  • The maximum downward speed of a player is lowered to that of the escending ladder speed’.
  • The amount of friction while hanging on the ladder and moving about is similar to that of ice.
  • If you push against a wall that the Ladder is placed on, your character will move up at a speed of 2.5 meters per second, rather than jut horizontally. This is why it is possible to use any movement key to move in the upward direction on a Ladder.
  • If you enter a Ladder block while moving perpendicular to the same ladder block, your character will start to move upwards. However, if you continue to move in the upward direction, you will fall off in a short while.


Since Ladders are made using Wood, they can be used as a fuel source in Furnaces. You can smelt up to 1.5 items using a single Ladder.

Best Tips to Make a Ladder in Minecraft

  • Ladders protect your character from the impact and damage of free fall.
  • If you are building a tall structure, make sure that you have several Ladders in hand. This will help you reach all the way to the top easily.
  • There is no limit to the number of Ladders that can be stacked together.
  • Naturally occurring ladders can be found in Library rooms in strongholds and NPC villages.
  • Mobs can also climb a Ladder like players. They cannot, however, do it knowingly or deliberately. They will only climb a Ladder that is directly placed in their path.
  • Ladders resist water and create an air pocket when placed in water, or when it rains.
  • Ladders also resist Lava. If they are used in place of Glass for a ceiling, the light from Lava can shine through.
  • You can use any tool to break Ladders although axes the quickest.

How to Make a Ladder in Minecraft Video Tutorial


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