How to Make a Grindstone in Minecraft

In this article you are going to learn what is a Grindstone in Minecraft and how to make one.

How to Make a Grindstone in Minecraft

What is a Grindstone in Minecraft?

Grindstones are some of the most useful items in Minecraft. Since this item was added to the game quite recently, you might not be entirely familiar with the procedure to use or make your own grindstone. Grindstones can perform two primary functions: removing enchantments and repairing items. This guide will tell you all you need to know about how to make a grindstone in Minecraft.

Required Items

To make a grindstone in Minecraft, you will need:

  • 2 sticks
  • 1 stone slab
  • 2 wooden planks

How to Make a Grindstone in Minecraft

Step 1: Build or find a crafting table

Widely considered to be one of the most basic items in the Minecraft universe, a crafting table is essential to making a grindstone. Begin by opening your crafting menu and adding any four planks of wood to it. This will generate a crafting table that can be dragged and dropped into your inventory. Crafting tables can also be found in witch huts, igloo basements, and a few other locations in the Overworld.

Step 2: Find or Craft Two Sticks and One Stone Slab

Crafting sticks is a very straightforward process. You will have to gather two planks of wood or two units of bamboo before you can proceed. Open your 3×3 crafting grid and place the planks (one on top of the other) in any two squares of the central column. Four sticks will be generated on the right. You can now drag and drop these sticks into your inventory. If you are using bamboo to craft your sticks, you might need to repeat the process twice to make two sticks. To craft a stone slab, you will have to place three smooth stone blocks in the last row of your crafting grid. The crafted stone slab will look exactly like a halved version of a stone block.

Step 3: Craft the Grindstone

Each of the items that you have gathered will have to be placed in a particular manner in order to create a grindstone. Select your crafting table and open the 3×3 crafting grid. Place the first stick in the first square of the first row and the second stick in the third square of the first row. Leave the third row and the center square empty. Now, place any two planks of wood on either side of the center square (the first and third squares of the second row). Finally, place the stone slab in between the two sticks in the first row. A grindstone will successfully be crafted at this point. Drag and drop the grindstone into your inventory to complete the process.

If you would prefer to look for grindstones instead of crafting your own, you can generally find them with village weaponsmiths.

How to Use a Grindstone

As soon as you select the grindstone in your inventory, you will notice that a GUI opens up with three squares. The two squares on the left serve as a means of combining items. The final item is generated in the square to the right of the arrow. Here are the ways in which you can use a grindstone:

  • IMPROVING DURABILITY: Adding two identical items to the two squares on the left will cause their respective durability scores to add up. The new item will obtain a durability score which is equal to the sum of the two durability scores + an additional 5% of the constituent items. Both items used to generate this highly durable item will be completely destroyed in the process.
  • REMOVING ENCHANTMENTS: If one or both of the items are enchanted, the new item will not gain any of the original enchantments. The enchantments are removed and the player will receive a small amount of experience. If you’d prefer to keep the enchantments or combine different enchantments, you should consider using an anvil instead of a grindstone. The number of experience points gained by the player is directly proportional to the level of the enchantment on the item.
  • ELIMINATION OF WORK PENALTIES: Unlike an anvil, a grindstone can be used to completely remove all prior work penalties that have accumulated in an item. This can be an excellent way of refreshing your item in an inexpensive manner.

How to Make a Grindstone in Minecraft


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