How to Make a Door in Minecraft

From the first humble shelter that you first build to the opulent castles you will go on to construct, a door is quite simply the most essential element of any house. In the early stages of the game, a sturdy door is what will keep you safe from the ravenous mobs that roam the Overworld at night. This guide will give you a comprehensive overview of how to make a door in Minecraft.

Materials Required to Make a Door in Minecraft

You will need the following items:

  • Crafting table
  • 6 matching planks of wood (wooden door)
  • 6 iron ingots (iron door)

How to Make a Door in Minecraft Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Decide what type of door you want to craft

There are two types of doors you can make in Minecraft – wooden doors and iron doors. Apart from the visual appeal, you will also have to consider how secure you want your virtual residence to be. In hard mode, wooden doors can be torn down by certain zombies that repeatedly slam themselves against the door. Iron doors are more secure, but they can only be activated using a pressure plate, lever, or some other contraption that is connected to a redstone circuit. Once you have weighed the pros and cons of each option, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Gather wooden planks or iron ingots

Planks of wood are some of the most commonly found types of resources in the world of Minecraft. You can find naturally generated planks in mineshafts, villages, strongholds, shipwrecks, and pillager outposts. Alternatively, you can also obtain it by felling trees with an ax. Iron ingots are somewhat more difficult to find or craft. These ingots will generate in dungeons, bastion remnants, desert temples, jungle temples, and strongholds. Iron ingots can also be crafted by placing 9 iron nuggets in your crafting menu. Alternatively, you can smelt a block of iron ore in a furnace to obtain an iron ingot.

Step 3: Add the constituent materials to a crafting table

Fill the first two columns of your 3×3 crafting grid with iron ingots or wooden planks, based on what type of door you want to make. Ensure that all 6 wooden planks are of the same type. A wooden/iron door will appear in the square to the right of the arrow. Drag and drop it into your inventory to complete the crafting process.

If you prefer to look for doors in the wilderness instead of crafting your own, you can find them in villages, shipwrecks, woodland mansions, and strongholds.

Door Usage

Wooden doors are a great way to get started. They will provide basic protection against several mobs that become aggressive after sunset. Wooden doors can easily be opened or closed by players, piglins, vindicators, and villagers. Vindicators can break down wooden doors in edium’ and ard’ difficulty, while certain zombified piglins and zombies mow down these doors in ard’ difficulty.

Apart from houses, doors can also be used to regulate the movement of boats and minecarts. If you have too many doors in your inventory, you can simply use them as fuel for a furnace. Unlike pistons, opening a door does not result in the displacement of any item placed behind it. If you have chosen to craft an iron door instead of a wooden door, you will need to connect it to some redstone circuitry to make it functional.

Here are several methods you can use to make it a mechanized component:

  • Place a power component such as a redstone torch or daylight sensor directly above or below the door.
  • Add a owered’ block adjacent to the door. Powered blocks are blocks that have an active redstone torch under them.
  • Make a redstone repeater or redstone comparator face the door directly.
  • You can connect a pressure plate, button, or some other physical mechanism to open the door. Unlike iron doors, wooden doors will remain open even after the original input to the redstone circuitry has been removed. A player or mob will have to manually close the door.

Additional Tips

  • Placing two doors side-by-side will automatically create a wide double door entrance.
  • Never place door-opening pressure plates outside your house if you are worried about mobs getting in. Instead, use a hidden lever connected to a redstone source.
  • Doors cannot be located on leaves, ice, or snow.

How to Make a Wooden Door in Minecraft Video Guide


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