How to Make a Clock in Minecraft

One of the best features of Minecraft is creating items that change in-game. Clocks are one such item and display the relative position of the sun and the moon based on the in-game time. They are an incredible addition to your game and give Minecraft much more characters and life. If you are looking to learn how to make a Clock in Minecraft, you’re in the right place!

Required Items to Make a Clock in Minecraft

In addition to a Crafting Table, you require the following items to make a Clock.

  • 1 Redstone Dust
  • 4 Gold Ingots

How to Create a Clock in Minecraft Guide

Step 1 – Gather Ingredients

To make Gold, you need Gold Ore, which is typically found anywhere from 10 to 31 blocks below the ground. It appears as a grey block with specks of gold in it. Gold Ore can be found above ground in the Badlands Biome, as well as in exposed mineshafts. You can them smelt Gold Ore into Gold Ingots using a Furnace and some fuel. To make Redstone Dust, you need to find Redstone Ore. You can find Redstone Ore fairly easily, and it is usually present between 10 to 25 blocks below the surface. Redstone Ore appears of grey blocks with specks of red. You require an Iron or Diamond pickax to mine it. When you break the ore block, you will obtain Redstone Dust.

Step 2 – Open Crafting Menu

Select a Crafting Table to bring up the 3×3 Crafting Grid, You must place the items in a specific pattern in this grid to obtain a Clock. In the top row, place a Gold Ingot in the second slot, and leave the other two slots empty. In the middle row, place a Gold Ingot in the first and third slots, and Redstone Dust in the second slot. The bottom row is exactly like the top row, with a Gold Ingot in the second slot and the other two slots empty. This is the exact recipe to craft a Clock.

Step 3 – Move to Inventory

If you have placed items in the pattern as described, a Clock will now appear on the right side of the Crafting Menu. You can move it to your inventory.

Video Guide How to Make a Clock in Minecraft

How to Use the Clock

A Clock is incredibly useful to tell the time in-game when you are inside your house or mining underground.

Mounting on a Wall or Block

Just like with Clocks in the real world, it is possible to mount a Clock on a wall or block in Minecraft. You will require a Clock and an Item Frame to do this. To craft an Item Frame, you require 8 Sticks and 1 Leather.

You can make Sticks from Wood Planks. Wood Planks can be crafted from Wood that you obtain by cutting down trees. Go to a Crafting Table and open the Crafting Grid. Place a Wood Plank in the second slot of the top row of the grid, and another Plank in the second slot of the middle row. You will now obtain 4 Sticks.

When you kill a Llama, Mooshrow, Mule, Cow, Donkey, or a Horse, there is a chance of a Leather being dropped. Alternatively, you can craft Leather using 4 Rabbit Hides.

Once you have gathered the required items, open up the Crafting Menu on a Crafting Table. Place a Stick in each of the slots of the top row and the bottom row. In the middle row, place a Stick in the first and third slots, and a Leather in the second slot. You have now successfully crafted an Item Frame. Move it to your inventory

Equip the Item Frame in your Hotbar. Go to any wall or block and place it there. Then, equip the Clock and place it on the Item Frame. The Clock will appear inside the Item Frame!

Place on a Block

You can also place a Clock on top of another block. You do not require an Item Frame for this.

Reading a Clock

The appearance of the Clock changes throughout the day. You can tell the time of the day looking at the position of the sun or moon on the display. During the day, the sun is against the blue sky, while nighttime is depicted by a moon against the black sky. The relative position of the moon and the sun gives you an approximate idea of the time.


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