How to Make a Bucket in Minecraft

Buckets are amongst the most important containers available in Minecraft. This brief guide will give you all the information you will need on how to make a bucket in Minecraft.

How to Make a Bucket in Minecraft

Required Materials to Make a Bucket in Minecraft

Three iron ingots and a crafting table are the only resources you will need to make a bucket. If you intend to obtain your iron ingots by smelting iron ore, you will also need a furnace and some fuel.

How to Make a Bucket in Minecraft Step-by-Step

Step 1: Find or Make Iron Ingots

There are several ways in which you can collect iron ingots. Iron golems are often very helpful against pillagers. Besides being a friendly mob, they also drop anywhere between 3 and 5 iron ingots when they die, regardless of the cause of death. Iron ingots are also occasionally dropped by zombies and husks. You are very likely to find these ingots in chests located in shipwrecks, buried treasures, strongholds, pillager outposts, and villages. If you have a crafting table ready, you can combine 9 iron nuggets to make a single ingot. Alternatively, you can use a furnace to smelt iron ore into an iron ingot.

Step 2: Set up your crafting environment

You will need to build or find a crafting table. This is a fairly simple task. Combine any four planks of wood in your crafting menu to obtain this item. Drag and drop the table on the right into your inventory. If you’d prefer to use a naturally generated table, igloo basements and witch huts are great places to look for crafting tables.

Step 3: Craft a bucket

In order to craft a bucket, you will need to open the 3×3 crafting grid and place the constituent items in a particular formation. Drop the first two iron ingots in the first and third square of the second row. Leave the first row completely empty. Place the final iron ingot in the second square of the third row. If you placed all the items correctly, the formation should resemble a ’. A bucket will be generated in the lone square on the right, next to the arrow. Drag and drop this bucket into your inventory.


  • Buckets are quite useful when you go on mining expeditions. They can contain food, water, and other items that are often vital for survival.
  • Players regularly use buckets to create pools of water around their residences in Minecraft. You can collect water from a lake or stream using a bucket and empty it into a hole in the ground to create your own water source.
  • Since the last few patches, empty buckets can also be used to store fish.
  • Selecting your bucket and clicking on a fully-grown cow will cause the bucket to fill up with milk.
  • Buckets are also immensely useful while you are swimming underwater. You can use an empty bucket as a temporary air pocket to replenish your supply of fresh air as you continue swimming.
  • Lava can also be collected in buckets. You can pour this collected lava on any block of water to obtain obsidian blocks.


  • Ensure that your bucket is completely empty before you attempt to use it as a storage tool.
  • If you do not want to go through the process of crafting your own bucket, you can try your luck at looting chests in dungeons, villages, and woodland mansions.
  • When placed in the fuel square of a furnace, an empty bucket will fill up with water if the other item in the furnace is a wet sponge.
  • If a cauldron contains lava or water, it can be emptied into a bucket.
  • If you have chosen to fill a bucket with milk, you will not be able to empty it unless you drink the milk or use it to make something else through the crafting menu.
  • By cleverly using buckets, you can make your very own nether portal without having a diamond pickaxe. To achieve this, you will need at least two buckets. Fill one of the buckets with lava and the other with water. Empty the lava in any target location and immediately pour water on it before the lava begins to flow. This will create an obsidian block. Repeat this process until the entire portal frame is created.

How to Make a Bucket in Minecraft Video Tutorial


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