How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

Beacons are incredibly useful items in Minecraft. In addition to making your base visible on the map from any part of Minecraft, they also give your character several other benefits. If you want to learn how to make a Beacon in Minecraft, you are in the right place!

How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

Required Items to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

In addition to a Furnace and Crafting Table, you require the following items.

  • 81 or more Iron Ore
  • 3 Obsidian
  • 5 Sand
  • 1 Nether Star
  • Any type of fuel

How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

Step 1 – Understand the Layout

The lowest level Beacon must be built on a 3×3 one block high base, using iron, gold, diamond, or emerald blocks. To enhance the power of your Beacon, you need to increase the size of your base to 5×5, 7×7, and 9×9.

Step 2 – Gather Ingredients

You require at least 81 Iron Ore to create the Beacon along with the base. Iron Ore appears as a grey stone with specks of orange and yellow on it. You require a pickax to mine it. Although Gold, Diamond, and Emerald can be used instead of Iron to build the base, these materials are far rarer to find and do not provide any additional effects to the beacon.

Obsidian can be found in places where water hits lava from above, mainly deep inside caves. Note that you need a diamond pickax to mine Obsidian. Sand is present in beaches, deserts, rivers, and lakes, and can be found fairly easily. For fuel, coal or Wood Planks work best, and is needed for smelting Iron and Glass.

You can obtain a Nether Star by killing a Wither. Withers can be summoned using materials found in the Nether. They are incredibly difficult to kill, especially for beginners. Make sure you are prepared.

Step 3 – Smelt Iron Ore

Open the Furance and place all the 81 Iron Ore blocks in the top slot of the menu, and any fuel in the bottom one. You will obtain 81 Iron Ingots, which you can move to your inventory.

Step 4 – Smelt Glass

Next up is smelting Sand to obtain Glass. Just like with Iron Ore, place the 5 blocks of Sand in the top slot, and fuel in the bottom slot of the Furnace. You will obtain 5 Glass.

Step 5 – Crafting the Iron Blocks

Select the Crafting Table to open the 3×3 Crafting Grid. Place 9 Iron Ingots in each slot of the grid, for a total of 81 Iron Ingots. You will obtain 9 Iron Blocks. Move them to your inventory.

Step 6 – Crafting Beacon Unit

Next up is crafting the Beacon itself. In the top row, place 1 Glass in each slot. In the bottom row, place 1 Obsidian in each slot. In the middle row, place Glass in the first and third slots, and a Nether Star in the second slot. You have successfully crafted the Beacon! Move it to your inventory.

How to Use a Beacon in Minecraft

Building the Beacon Tower

Find a flat spot near your home to place the Beacon. Place the 9 Iron Blocks in 3 rows and 3 columns to create a 3×3 grid. This serves as the base. Select the Beacon unit in your Hotbar and place it in the middle of the grid. The Beacon will immediately light up.

Leveling Up the Beacon

To power up your Beacon, you can add a bigger grid of Iron Blocks below the 3×3 one. You can do this all the way up to a 9×9 grid. Each bigger base levels up the Beacon, making it more powerful. The Beacon can’t have a base that is greater than 9×9.

Beacon Effects

To change the effect of your Beacon, you need one of – Iron Bar, Gold Bar, Diamond, or Emerald. Open the Beacon by right-clicking (PC), tapping (mobile), or pressing the left trigger (console). You can select one of two effects – haste and speed. Speed can be activated using the claw icon on the left that will help you run faster. Haste can be activated by selecting the pickax icon and will help you mine faster. Depending on the level of your Beacon, you can equip more effects.

You must then add an effect mineral. Drag and drop a particular mineral (Iron, Gold, Diamond, or Emerald) into the slot at the bottom of the Beacon window. Finally, select the green checkmark to apply the desired effect to the Beacon.

Best Tips

  • To change the beacon light color, just put any stained glass over the beacon.
  • You will die if you fall from a height of 23 blocks of more. Exercise caution while building your beacon, and ensure you have a way to get down.

How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft Video Tutorial


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