How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft

Minecraft, like most other survival games, has numerous entities that behave like your enemies. Although they are an important part of the game, sometimes you want to eliminate all the entities around you, especially when you are trying to build something in Creative Mode. This guide will help you learn how to kill all Mobs in Minecraft.

For a detailed explanation of the kill command and all it can do you can scroll down to the end of this post and check out the awesome video guide!

How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft

What are Mobs in Minecraft

In Minecraft, Mob is a shortened version of Mobile. It refers to the various entities in the game that can be thought of as creatures and monsters of Minecraft. There are many types of Mobs in Minecraft.

Passive Mobs

These are Mobs that never attack you, even when provoked. or attacked by you. Some Passive Mobs can be tamed and/or bred to create more Mobs. Examples of Passive Mobs are Bats, Cat, Donkeys, Horses, Pigs, Snow Golem,s Sheep, Turtles, Villagers, Wandering Traders, and many others.

Hostile Mobs

These Mobs are always aggressive and attack you on sight. They can be thought of as enemies in the game that you must always be wary of. Examples of Hostile Mobs are Pillagers, Ravagers, Shulkers, Creepers, Skeletons, Zombies, and many more!

Neutral Mobs

These mobs are sometimes passive, and sometimes hostile. If you do not provoke this type of Mob, then they stay passive and will not attack you. If you provoke or attack them, however, they turn hostile and attack you. Some Hostile Mobs only attack you once and go back to being passive. Certain Hostile Mobs, such as Enderman, can be provoked by just looking at them, without an attack.

What’s Required To Kill All Mobs

To kill all Mobs at the same time, you must turn cheats on in Minecraft.

Switching on Cheats in New World

Create a new world. Type in the name of the world, Towards the bottom of the screen, you will see ‘More World Options’. Click on this. A new window will appear, and an option named ‘Allow Cheats’ will be present. Ensure that this is ON. Click on Done and create the world. You can use cheat commands in the game whenever you want.

Switching on Cheats in an Already Existing World

If you have already created a world, but without enabling cheats, there is a simple workaround. When you are playing in a particular world, pause the game to open the game menu. At the bottom right, there is an option named ‘Open to LAN’. Select this and switch the Allow Cheats option to ON. You can now use the cheat commands in your world. Do note that every time you save and quit the world the setting will be disabled. You will have to repeat the previous steps to enable cheats again.

How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft

There are multiple ways of killing Mobs in Minecraft. In order to type the kill command, you must open the char window. In the PC editions of Minecraft, you can press T to open the chat window. On the Pocket Edition you must tap on the chat icon at the top of your screen. On the controller, press right on the D-pad to open chat,

Method 1 – Kill Specific Mob

Each entity in Minecraft has a unique ID by which it can be recognized, This is known as the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID), and can be seen before a command is executed, First look at the particular Mob that you want to kill. Type in ‘/kill’ in the chat. The UUID will appear on the screen. Select the UUID for the command to execute. Press Enter to execute the command.

Method 2 – Killing a Particular Type of Mob

Sometimes you only want to kill a certain type of mob or entity. In this case, the steps are just like before. Look at a Mob first. In the chat window type in ‘/kill’. Then use the ‘@e’ to target entities, and type in ‘[type=]’ where is replaced by the exact Mob type that you want to kill. Execute the command by pressing Enter. All the mobs of that type will be killed immediately.

Method 3 – Kill All Mobs

Killing all mobs at once is often the easiest way to ensure that you are no longer being attacked by any entity. Type in ‘/kill’ and use ‘@e’ to target entities of all types. Then, type in ‘[type=!player]’ to indicate that all entities other than you must be killed. Finally, execute it by clicking Enter.

How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft Video Tutorial

This video explains the Kill command in great detail.


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