How to Join a Minecraft Realm

Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms are personal multiplayer servers that allow up to 10 players to join. Minecraft Realms are very similar to the multiplayer version of Minecraft where you can invite and join other friends. The traditional multiplayer in Minecraft, however, has the disadvantage of requiring the host to be always online for others to join the game. Minecraft Realms allows you to get around this issue. You can choose to create, compete, or survive with other players on Realms. This guide will let you know exactly how to join a Minecraft Realm.

How to Create a Minecraft Realm

Realms Plus

In order to create a Minecraft Realm, you require a Realms Plus subscription. The person who wants to host other players needs to pay a subscription fee every month. The Realms Plus subscription will allow you to have your own private server that is online at all times. You can have up to 10 players on the server at the same time. Additionally, there are numerous Marketplace packs that are available, which include character skins, mini-games, as well as maps.

Setting Up Realms

First, create a new world. Just like with the single-player game, you can set a name, the game mode (Creative or Survival), and numerous other customs options. When you have chosen the appropriate settings, choose the reate on Realms’ option. You can then choose between a 2-player Realm and the 10-player one. The subscription fee varies depending on which option you selected. Once you have made the transaction, accept the terms and conditions, and you should be ready to play.

Inviting Friends

As mentioned previously, the friends who you want to invite to your Realms server do not need a Realms Plus subscription. Click on the Edit button that is present next to the Realm world, and choose embers’. A list of all the friends that you have invited will appear here. You will also have the option to invite more friends. You can send out as many invitations as you want, but the number of people who can simultaneously play will be either 2 or 10 depending on your subscription. On the same page, you can also choose to remove players you don’t want on your Realm server.

Replace or Back-Up Current World

You can always replace the current world with a new one. Before doing so, however, it is recommended that you back up the settings so you do not lose any of the progress that you have made in the world.

Click on Edit that is located next to the Realm world. Now select ownload World’. You will have a downloaded copy of your World on your local machine. You can re-upload this world later if you change your mind, and continue from where you left off.

In the same Edit menu, select eplace World’. A confirmation prompt will appear on the screen. A list of options will appear on the screen to replace the current world. Choose one of the worlds, and you will be able to play on that.

How to Join a Minecraft Realm

Navigate to the Minecraft Realms menu that is present within the game. Here, a list of Realms that are available and open to you will appear.


Note that unlike with other modes, you need an invitation to join a Realm. An invitation appears as an icon of a Flashing Mail. If you accept the invite, you can access the Realm. Make sure that you have the latest version of the game running, to avoid any problems of compatibility and other glitches.

Realm Status

The current status of a Realm is indicated by a small colored dot present next to the name. Green indicates that the Realm is open and can be joined, yellow suggests that it will expire soon, and red indicates that the Realm has already been closed by the owner or has expired.


The most common issue with joining Realms is mods. If you have a modded game, there is a chance of incompatibility with Minecraft Realms. Ensure that you use the vanilla game and not a modded client while using Realms.

Another common issue is with regard to the resource pack that does not contain the buttons for Realms. In such a scenario switch to the standard version of Minecraft, select ptions’, and then choose Resource Packs. Return it to the default option. You should now be able to play on Realms without any issues.

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