How to Get Seeds in Minecraft

Farming is one of the numerous fun activities that you can perform in Minecraft. The most important item needed to farm are Seeds. There are several Seeds that are available in the game. However, obtaining them is not a straightforward task. This guide will teach you how to get Seeds in Minecraft.

Different Seeds

There are numerous types of Seeds available in Minecraft.

  • Seeds – These are an item that can be planted on farmland to produce or farm Wheat.
  • Melon Seeds – These Seeds can be used to grow Melons on farmland.
  • Beetroot Seeds – These Seeds are fairly rare and can be used to cultivate Beetroot on your farm.
  • Pumpkin Seeds – These are obtained from Pumpkin and can be used to grow Pumpkins on your farm.

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How to Get Seeds in Minecraft Step-by-Step

Step 1 – Find Grass

Seeds can be obtained from Grass, Double Tall Grass, and Ferns. First, you need to find an area that has a lot of Grass and Ferns. This will allow you to break enough blocks to obtain a good number of seeds. Note that Grass and Double Tall Grass appear in different colors based on the biome that they are present in. Grass can be found in the Forest and Plains biomes, while Tall Grass is mostly found in Savannah and Plains biomes.

Step 2 – Break the Grass

Travel to a biome where there is a lot of Grass and Tall Grass available The fastest way to break Grass and Tall Grass blocks is by using Shears. Using a Shear, however, will not allow you to obtain Seeds. You can use any other tool or just your hands. There is a 12.5% or ⅛ chance of obtaining Seeds when you break a block. It is highly likely that you will not obtain Seeds when you break your first block. Keep breaking blocks until you see a block of Seeds appear and hover on the ground. Be sure to collect it before it disappears. Keep repeating this until you have a sufficient number of Seeds.

Step 3 – Use the Seeds

The Seeds that you picked up will appear in your Hotbar.

Seeds Usage in Minecraft


You can become a farmer in Minecraft, and grow your own food and produce! The Seeds that you obtain from breaking blocks of Grass and Ferns can be used to grow Wheat. You can also obtain several other Seeds and use them to farm those plants.

The first step to farming is finding a patch of Grass next to a waterbody. Use a Hoe on the patch of Grass that is adjacent to the waterbody. This will expose the soil. You will observe the soil turn a darker shade of brown as it gets wet from the water source nearby. You can now plant the Seeds in the exposed soil. It will grow to its full size after a few in-game days.

Chicken Breeding

Breeding Chickens is an activity that you can undertake in Minecraft. You require Seeds and 2 Chickens to Breed. The two Chickens must stay very close to each other while breeding. Build a fence around the two creatures to keep them from running away. Keep the Seeds in your Hotbar and equip it in your hand. Feed the Chickens one at a time with these Seeds. As you feed the chickens, large red-colored hearts will appear above them. This indicates that they are ready to breed. Once the Chickens have eaten the Seeds, they will turn towards each other and the red hearts will continue to appear above them. Finally, a baby Chick will stand in between the two Chickens. Your Chickens will be ready to breed again after 5 minutes.

Taming Parrots

Parrots are one of the few birds that are present in Minecraft and can be tamed. Seeds of any type are required to tame a wild Parrot.

First, find an untamed Parrot in the game. Place the Seeds in your Hotbar and equip it in your hand. Approach the Parrot, and then right-click to feed it the Seeds. You will gray colored smoke appear above the Parrot’s head. Keep feeding it Seeds until you see red-colored hearts appear over its head. This indicates that the Parrot is tamed. The Parrot will now sit on your shoulder, and accompany you on your travels around the Minecraft world.


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