How to Get a Trident in Minecraft

A trident in Minecraft is a useful weapon that can be used for both melee as well as ranged combat. Tridents are incredibly rare to find, and cannot be crafted from scratch. It is one of the most sought-after weapons in the game. With this guide, you can learn how to get a Trident in Minecraft.

How to Get a Trident in Minecraft

Where to Find a Trident in Minecraft

A Trident may be obtained from zombie-liked underwater mobs, known as the Drowned.

Thrown Tridents

Tridents thrown by the Drowned cannot be picked up, similar to the arrows shot by Skeletons, making them all the more difficult to find. Only Tridents that have been thrown by players can be picked up from the ground.

Using Looting Enchantments

Tridents are extremely sought after by players since they are not a confirmed drop for every Drowned that you kill. Although the probability of these mobs dropping a Trident is relatively low, you can greatly raise your chances by using looting enchantments.

In the Java Edition of Minecraft, there is a 6.25 percent chance of finding Drowned carrying a Trident. There is a 5.5 percent chance of a Drowned dropping a Trident, which can be increased by 1 percent for every level of the looting enchantment, up to a maximum of 8.5 percent.

In the Bedrock Edition, there is a 15 percent chance of finding a Drowned with a Trident. There is an 11 percent chance of a Drowned dropping a Trident or some other item when a wolf or a player kills it. In this edition, you can also loot a Trident from zombies that are converted into Drowned, which is not possible with the Java Edition.

Note that when you pick a Trident, it will have random durability to it.

Everything You Need to Know About Tridents in Minecraft: Video Tutorial

Make an Enchanted Trident

Step 1 – Gather Ingredients

To make an enchanted Trident, you require 1 Trident and 3 Lapis Lazuli, in addition to an enchanting table.

Step 2 – Enchanting Table

Select the Enchanting Table to open its menu. The Trident must be placed in the box to the left, and the three Lapis Lazuli must be placed in the box to the right.

Step 3 – Choose Enchantment

Now that you have placed the two items in the appropriate places, three different enchantment options appear on the right. A number will be present on each enchantment, which shows the number of experience points needed only to unlock and view it. More experience points mean that the enchantment is better. You can gain experience points through a number of activities in Minecraft, such as farming, smelting, killing mobs, mining. and many more. Hover over an enchantment to know the cost. Typically, the cost is in terms of Lapis Lazuli, and enchantment levels.

Step 4 – Apply Enchantment

Once you have selected an enchantment, you can apply it to your Trident. The Lapis Lazuli and enchantment levels will get used up, and your Trident will now have a slight purple tinge to it. When you hover the pointer over your Trident, you can view its new abilities. Move it to your inventory.

Using a Trident in Minecraft

Melee Weapon

Using the attack key when a Trident is equipped in your hand damages players and all types of mobs. The Trident is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and deals more damage as compared to Netherite and Diamond swords. Every successful melee attack reduces the Trident’s durability by 1.

Ranged Weapon

Holding the use key while a Trident is in your hand helps charge it. After a Trident is fully charged and released, the thrown Trident can deal damage to anything that it hits. It soars through the air just like an arrow and only has 80% of its usual strength. Tridents can be used to trigger pressure plates and buttons (only those made of wood), as well as target blocks. When a Trident is thrown, regardless of if it hits a target or not, it loses 1 durability.

Best Enchantments

Loyalty – This enchantment returns a thrown trident back to the player after a few seconds. The time reduces with higher levels of the enchantment. Loyalty cannot be used along with the Riptide enchantment.

Channeling – During a thunderstorm, when a thrown Trident hits any living game entity, a lighting bolt is summoned. This enchantment is incompatible with Riptide.

Riptide – When in water, launching a Trident will propel the player. Riptide cannot be used along with Loyalty or Channeling.

Unbreaking – This enchantment increases the durability of the Trident.


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