How to Fish in Minecraft

A number of real-life activities can be performed in Minecraft. Fishing is one such activity. It can be used to fish for food, to find certain rare items, and also as a means of relaxation!

How to Fish in Minecraft

Read this guide to know everything about how to fish in Minecraft!

What You Need to Fish in Minecraft

To fish, you require a Fishing Rod.

How to Fish in Minecraft Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Gather Items

The most important item to fish in Minecraft is a Fishing Rod. If you don’t already have one, you can craft a Fishing Rod from scratch. You require 3 Sticks and 2 Strings to make a Fishing Rod. You can obtain Sticks from Wood. Just approach any type of tree in Minecraft, and mine Wood using your hands or an ax. With the aid of a Crafting Table, you can obtain Sticks from Wood. Strings can be found by killing spiders.

Step 2 – Consider Enchantments

Enchantments are an incredibly beneficial feature in Minecraft. It is very useful for fishing, giving you the chance to speed up fishing, increasing durability, or improving the chances of finding valuable treasure. Unbreaking Enchantment can greatly improve your Fishing Rod’s durability, allowing you to use it for longer before having to repair it. Lure increases the rate at which you find items. Luck of the Sea enchantment greatly increases the possibility of finding valuable items while fishing, rather than junk like old boots.

Step 3 – Look for Rainy Regions

If there is sufficient rain, then you need 20% lesser time to catch an item. Look for rainy areas to do you fishing!

Step 4 – Find Waterbody

You can fish in water bodies of all types, regardless of its size or location. It is even possible to dig a hole, pour water using a bucket, and fish in this newly made waterbody. Ensuring that the created hole is at least a couple of blocks wide and deep will allow you to cast the line without obstacles.

Step 5 – Allow Light to Hit Water

Fishing takes double the time if moonlight or sunlight is not directly hitting the water surface. To avoid this, remove all the blocks that are present directly above the spot that you want to fish at. Any non-transparent blocks, such as leaves, will obstruct light, as well as rain.

Step 6 – Use Fishing Rod

Equip the Fishing rod from the Hotbar. Approach any water body and use it. Automatically, a bobber attached to the end of the line will fly out and land in the water. Keep in mind that the bobber easily hooks into mobs and objects and then reeling it in costs more durability than catching fish. Watch your aim.

Step 7 – Listen and Watch Closely

As soon as it hits the water, the bobber will immediately sink, and then quickly rise to the water surface. You must now watch and listen closely for some activity in the water. If you observe small splashes in the vicinity of the bobber, and also hear a splashing sound, click on the se’ key to reel in the Fishing Rod. If you have successfully caught a fish, it will fly out and land next to you, and your character will gain some experience. Note that if the article Settings’ is set to inimal’, you will not see the splash effects.

Tips and Tricks

  • Eating raw fish does not replenish too many hunger points. It is recommended that you cook it in a Furnace or Smoker for the best results.
  • When you cast the line, and it collides with a block, then it will get stuck. Reeling in your line will come at a cost of extra durability. This can be easily avoided by estimating the distance to cast safely when fishing in a pool of water.
  • Fish can be used to tame and breed a type of rare mob called Ocelots.
  • Eating yellow pufferfish can leave your character with poison, nausea, and hunger effects. It also affects the hunger and health points of the character and must be avoided by beginners at all costs. The bad effects of eating yellow pufferfish can be eliminated by drinking a bucket of milk.
  • A Fishing Rod with the Mending enchantment has infinite durability if only used for fishing purposes. Even if the rod itself has 0% durability, it mends itself every time, allowing you to use it repeatedly without having to repair it.
  • You can stay at a maximum distance of 33 blocks away from the bobber. If you go further than that, the line and the bobber will disappear.
  • Fishing is still possible if the Fishing Rod is being used in the off-hand.

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