How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds are some of the rarest minerals in the game. They are highly valuable since they can be used to make all sorts of high-tier enchanting tables and armor. The world of Minecraft has very few sources of diamonds. This guide will give you a wealth of information about how to find diamonds in Minecraft.

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

The most fool-proof way to mine diamonds is by a method known as ‘strip-mining’. You will need several items before you can start doing this. The main items required are listed below:

  • Doors
  • Logs of wood
  • Raw meat or any other long-lasting food source
  • A self-updating map
  • An iron or diamond pickaxe

Step 1: Gather or craft all the prerequisites

Start by digging five blocks underground and setting up a home base. Build a basic enclosure that includes a bed, tables, and torches. Don’t forget to install a door to ensure that monsters do not enter the base while you are digging underground. Build a crafting table and a furnace in your base. Iron pickaxes can be made using three iron ingots and two sticks. A self-updating map is made by combining a single compass with eight sheets of paper. Doors can be made using six wooden planks. Carrying a small supply of logs will ensure that you can make stands and shelves as you dig deeper.

Step 2: Begin digging

Diamond ore is most likely to be found between layer 5 and layer 12. This is why your map is a crucial element of the mission. It will allow you to constantly keep track of the level on which you are currently located. Dig a main tunnel that is at least twenty blocks in length and two blocks wide. Constantly place torches as you continue digging. Keep turning to the right or left and dig twenty blocks each time until you make your way back to the main tunnel.

Step 3: Strip the encircled area

Your first round of digging would have surrounded a certain portion of the mine. Mine everything in this enclosed portion. Look thoroughly at the floor and the ceiling in search of diamond ore. Repeat the process for every level until you hit level 16. Since this is a brute force approach to finding diamond ore, you are certain to come across the ore at some point in your expedition.

Although they are not reliable sources, diamonds can sometimes be found in chests that are located inside abandoned mineshafts or villages.

Making Diamonds from Diamon Ore

You will require a furnace to begin smelting diamond ore. A furnace can be crafted using eight blocks of cobblestone or blackstone. Select your crafting table and fill all the squares except the center square with cobblestones and blackstones in any ratio. Drag and drop the newly crafted furnace into your inventory. Select the furnace and open the smelting menu. Place the diamond ore in the top square and add any fuel of your choice (wood, coal, or charcoal) to the lower square. This will result in the creation of a single diamond. Click on the crafted diamond and drag it into your inventory.

How to Use Diamonds

Diamonds have a wide range of functions in the game. They are primarily used for making and repairing diamond tools and armor. Here are a few examples:

  • Diamond pickaxe: Considered to be one of the best mining tools in the game, diamond pickaxes can be made by placing three diamonds in the first row of the crafting grid and two sticks in the middle squares of the second and third rows respectively. If placed correctly, the ingredients should form a ‘T’ shape in the crafting grid.
  • Diamond sword: Open the crafting menu and place two diamonds in the top two squares of the central column of the grid. Place a stick in the third square of the middle column to complete your diamond sword. This is an immensely resilient and lethal weapon with 1.6 attack speed and 7 attack damage.
  • Enchanting table: Once you have gleaned a large number of experience points in the game, you can spend it on enchanting various items in your inventory. For this, you will need an enchanting table. To craft an enchanting table, open your crafting menu and place a book in the second square of the first row. Place two diamonds in the first and third squares of the second row. Drop a single block of obsidian in the central square. Fill the last row with three obsidian blocks. You can now drag and drop the enchanting table into your inventory.

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