How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

One of the most fun aspects of Minecraft is the journey of searching for and finding numerous treasures and items scattered around the map. Buried Treasure is one of these, and requires the help of a map to know where exactly it is buried underground. A few items can only be found in Buried Treasure, making it crucial for you to under how to find buried treasure in Minecraft.

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1 – Locate a Shipwreck

The first step to finding Buried Treasure is to locate Shipwrecks. Shipwrecks are structures that naturally spawn in Minecraft. They resemble the ruins of sunken ships and are found only in the Beach, River, and Ocean biomes. Shipwrecks almost always spawn underwater. In very rare cases, you may discover a Shipwreck in a Beach biome on land. There are no fixed areas in the game where Shipwrecks spawn. You must keep your eyes open at all times to discover a Shipwreck and loot its treasures.

Step 2 – Water Breathing

The Water Breathing Status Effect in Minecraft is an incredibly useful perk for staying underwater for significantly longer than normal. This effect can help you find shipwrecks much faster. You can gain this Status Effect from 4 different sources.

  • Turtle Shells
  • Arrow of Water Breathing
  • Conduit Power (which combines Night Vision, Haste, as well as Water Breathing)
  • Potion of Water Breathing

Additionally, your visibility underwater is also slightly improved, although having a light source as a Glowstone or Sea Lantern would work better.

Step 3 – Search for the Map Chest

There are 3 chests that are present in a Shipwreck in Minecraft. They are the Treasure Chest, the Map Chest, and the Supply Chest. The Map Chest contains maps to hidden treasures and chests. The Treasure Chest contains valuable items such as Gold, Emeralds, Lapus Lazuli, Silver, and even Silver Ingots. The Supply Chest typically contains food, Paper, Clothing, Leather, and Coal. You must look through the Map Chest and find the Buried Treasure Map, and then move it to your inventory.

Step 4 – Use the Map

Open up the Buried Treasure Map in your inventory. On the map, you will see a small white dot that indicates your current position. This marker will also face in the direction that you are currently facing. A big red ’ marks the spot where the Buried treasure is located. Move towards the direction of the Treasure. As you move closer and closer, the map will fill out and details will begin to appear.

Step 5 – Locate the Treasure

Keep moving towards the ’ mark until the white marker on the map is directly above it. When the ’ mark and the white market coincide, it means that you are standing directly above the Buried Treasure.

Step 6 – Digging

It is time to begin digging. You can either dig with your hands or with the help of a tool such as a Shovel. Digging with a tool will be significantly faster than digging by hand. A tool may be necessary since you may have to do a fair bit of digging before you find the Buried Treasure. To craft a Shovel, you need 2 Sticks, and one of the following: Iron Ingot, Wood Plank, Gold Ingot, Cobblestone, Blackstone, or Diamond.

Keep digging until you come across the Chest.

Step 7 – Open Chest

Select the Chest to open it. You can see its contents, and move them to your inventory.

Heart of the Sea

A Heart of the Sea is a special rare item in Minecraft that can only be obtained from Buried Treasure. It cannot be crafted. A Heart of the Sea is a sought-after item since it is needed to craft a Conduit. When a Conduit is activated, it gives an effect known as the Conduit Power to all players who are in contact with rain or water.

Conduit Power

The Conduit Power imparts numerous effects on the player. It completely stops the breath meter from going down, improves the speed at which mining can be done underwater, and also gives night vision underwater. Additionally, a Conduit also damages underwater hostile mobs that are closeby, such as Guardians and Drowned.

Light Source

Conduits, regardless of if they are underwater or on land, emit a light level of 15, which is the brightest in Minecraft.

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