How to Farm in Minecraft

Farming forms an integral part of Minecraft’s survival mode and makes the game all the more realistic. You can grow wheat, potatoes, carrots, and many other items just with some water and a hoe. This guide will help you understand how to farm in Minecraft.

What You Need to Farm in Minecraft

In order to farm in the game, you require the following items.

  • A Hoe of any type
  • Item to plant, such as carrots, potatoes, or seeds of some type
  • Fertilizer such as Bone Meal (optional)

How to Farm in Minecraft Step-by-Step

Step 1 – Collect Basic Items

You need a Hoe, plants or seeds, and Bone Meal to start farming. You can make a Hoe using Gold, Diamonds, Wood, Stone, or Iron. Open the 3×3 Crafting Grid. Place a Stick in the second slot of the second row and the second slot of the bottom row. Depending on the type of Hoe that you want to craft, place Diamonds, Wood Planks, Gold, Stone, or Iron in the first and second slots of the top row. Bone Meal can be crafted from Bone Blocks or Bone. Place one of these items in the center of the 3×3 grid to obtain Bone Meal.

Step 2 – Choose the Plant

Depending on the crop that you want to plant, you will require the item itself, or seeds. To plant Potatoes and Carrots, you can use the same food items themselves. For planting other crops, such as Pumpkin, Melon, and Beetroot you will need their seeds.

Step 3 – Find Land With Water

You need a lot of water to farm plants. For this reason, it is recommended to farm close to water bodies. Finding an area that already has water is ideal. Otherwise, you can dig up a pit and fill it with water.

Step 4 – Use a Hoe

Equip the crafted Hoe from the Hotbar. Use it to prepare the land that is directly adjacent to the water body. The land will get prepared into farmland and the soil will be exposed. This makes it perfect for planting crops. The block will now be free from grass and will appear brown in color. The blocks will automatically get wet due to the water source right next to them, and they will appear darker.

Step 5 – Plant Items

Place the item that you want to plant in your Hotbar. Select the item and plant it in the soil. Once you have planted these items in each block, a tiny plant will appear. Over time, this plant will grow to its full size, and you can harvest them.

Step 6 – Use Fertilizer

Just like with farming in the real world, you can use Bone Meal as a fertilizer to help the crops grow faster. Select Bone Meal in your Hotbar, and use it on the crops. When you use Bone Meal, small green colored stars will appear over the plants to indicate that they are fertilized. You can use two Bone Meals for each section of the planted crops.

Step 7 – Harvest Crop

Break the plant in order to harvest the crop. When you break the fully grown plant, it will drop to the ground. Ensure that you pick the item up before they disappear.

How to Farm in Minecraft Video Tutorial

Automatic Farming

You can use Farmer villagers to create a completely automatic farm, where crops are replanted. There are three different ways to go about this. Regardless of the method used, you must ensure that the farm is not located further than 32 blocks away from the village’s outermost boundary. If the farm is located too far away, then the villager will not tend to the crops, but go to the nearest village.

  • Villagers who have an inventory full of seeds will harvest and replant crops whenever necessary. The resulting wheat or crop, however, cannot be picked up by them. You must use a Hopper or a Minecart with Hopper to collect the wheat before it disappears.
  • For potatoes and carrots, villagers will replant the field after harvest the crop. However, they will stop harvesting if their inventory is full of food. You can use a Redstone mechanism or system to periodically pour water over the crops
  • The third method is to place a second villager with an empty inventory near the first one. The first villager will attempt to share food by throwing it to the second one. The throws, however, will not reach the second farmer. You can use Hoppers in the right places to collect the food automatically.


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