How to Crawl in Minecraft

Crawling is a fairly new addition to Minecraft. It has only been available in update 1.14. It adds a whole new dimension to the game and makes it all the more interesting and enjoyable. However, you cannot actively crawl with the click of a simple button or key. There is a simple setup to allow your character to crawl in the game. This guide will help you understand how to crawl in Minecraft.

Why Is Crawling Useful in Minecraft?

Creating Secret Rooms

One of the best uses of crawling is the ability to create secret rooms that only you can access. It is perfect when you want to go incognito and not be disturbed by any other mobs in the game. Just remember to remove the trapdoor to your secret location whenever you leave, and only you will have access to this hidden room.

Obstacle Courses

Navigating through obstacle courses in Minecraft is incredibly challenging and fun. One neat trick that most players are not aware of is crawling to get past certain obstacles. Alternatively, to add some more fun you can do obstacle courses where all the players are crawling rather than walking or running.

Capturing Videos and Screenshots

In addition to some practical uses in the game, crawling is a great way to catch some videos and screenshots from a different perspective. If you are someone who loves exploring the Minecraft world, this is a very useful feature that allows you to go through places that are difficult to access normally, such as caves.

How To Crawl in Minecraft

Crawling is also known as suffocation prevention in Minecraft. It is a feature that prevents players from having to suffocate when they are inside small gaps. When the player is in a location that is more than 1.5 blocks high, while also being less than 1.8 blocks high, it is known as sneaking. When a player is in a region that is less than 1.5 blocks in height, then this pose is known as crawling.

You can initiate crawl by any method that makes your character’s head intersect with a block that is less than 1.5 blocks high and has an empty space underneath. There are multiple ways to do this.

Simple Methods

  • Use a Piston powered contraption to push your character into a 1-block high space. There are multiple ways to use Pistons to enter crawling mode.
  • Close a trapdoor over your head. This forces you to take up a smaller space and get into the crawling position. You can make a trapdoor using 6 Wood Planks of any type.

Other Methods

There are several other ways to enter crawling mode that are a little more creative and complicated. Here are a few interesting ways in which you can force your character into a small space and enter suffocation prevention mode.

  • Ender Pearls are a fairly rare item that you can obtain in Minecraft use to teleport your character. If you teleport to a sufficiently small gap, having less than 1.5 blocks of space beneath it, you will begin to crawl.
  • Exit swimming mode into a space that is 1-block high. For the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, note that this is the only way to get into suffocation prevention or crawling mode.
  • Equip a Pig with a saddle and mount it. Go to a space that is 1-block high, and get off. You will now be in crawling mode.
  • If a Boat lands on your head, you will be pushed down into crawling mode. Using Honey Blocks can make it much easier to have a Boat slide on to your character’s head.
  • Elytra are a rare type of wings that can help your character fly in Minecraft. If you exit from flying mode into a 1-block high space, you will automatically enter crawling mode.
  • Use a Shulker Box to push you down
  • Have a tree grow over you. They can take approximately 3 in-game days to grow from a sapling to a full-sized tree.


  • It is not possible to sprint when in suffocation prevention/ crawling mode.
  • The crawling mode cannot be toggled off whenever you want. As soon as there is enough space above your character’s head, the character will stand up again automatically.
  • Your character will travel slower than usual while in crawling mode.
  • In crawling mode, your character’s height drops to 0.625 blocks in height or 5/8 of a block.

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