How to Change Version of Minecraft

Why Change Between Versions

By default, your Minecraft launcher has a single profile. The profile is named based on your username, and will automatically update whenever a new version of the game is released by Mojang Studios. This is fine for most players, since the newest version is less likely to have bugs and glitches, and is almost always more stable than an older version. These players typically don’t mod the game and only play the single-player version.

Other players, however, need to manage their version number and create multiple profiles for different purposes in order to experience the game appropriately. This guide will help you learn how to change version of Minecraft. There are a few situations where changing versions may be necessary.

  • Preserving an older world that you had created without having to risk it getting corrupted by newer versions of the game. You will need to lock that particular profile to a specific older version.
  • If you play the Minecraft multiplayer version, you will need to stick to older versions. This is because multiplayer servers typically do not update to the latest version immediately. It is quite tricky for server hosts and owners to perform major updates since it will affect the stability of the servers and cause issues to players.
  • On the other hand, if you are someone who enjoys testing out the latest features, you will need to set up a profile that is at the latest development version. You can try out and test features that will take several months to be released as a public version.
  • The in-built profile system in the Minecraft Launcher makes it easy to switch between multiple profiles and versions of the game as you need. You can use it to isolate all your world saves and ensure that you never lose them as a result of corruption.

How to Change Version of Minecraft Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Run Launcher

Start the Minecraft Launcher and log into your Minecraft account. On the bottom left of the main page of the launcher, click on a button named ‘Edit Profile’ just beneath your profile name.

Step 2 – Change Version

You will be taken to the Profile Editor. Here, you can change your profile name, and see numerous other settings. Toward the lower half of the page, you will see an option named ‘Use version’. You can use the dropdown to select which version you want to run.

Step 3 – Save Settings

Once you have selected the exact version that you want to run, click on ‘Save Profile’.

Multiple Profiles

Step 1 – Create a New Profile

Click on the ‘New Profile’ button on the bottom left of the Minecraft Launcher page. You will be taken to the Profile Editor. Set a name in the ‘Profile Name’ section that you can remember.

Step 2 – Change Default Game Directory

It is recommended that you change the default game directory for each of the different versions and profiles. This will ensure that you never corrupt your world and cause any issues. On the same Profile Editor, you can choose the location where you want to save the files. Be sure to append the default ‘.minecraft’ directory at the new location as well.

Step 3 – Switch Between Versions

Now that you have created separate profiles for different versions, you can have separate Minecraft worlds. Choose the profile you want to play on and launch the game!

Enable Experimental and Older Versions

It is also possible to play on very old versions of Minecraft by tinkering around with the version numbers. You can also try out experimental versions which are known as snapshot versions. You must first enable them to access on your launcher.

Under the Version Selection section, check all the numerous options that you would like to load. If you want experimental versions, check the first option. For older Beta and Alpha releases from before Minecraft was officially launched, you can check the next two options. When you select each of these options, a warning will appear on your screen asking if you would like to continue since these versions may not be stable. Having separate game directories is encouraged for exactly this purpose, and unstable versions will not corrupt your other save files.

Once you have clicked on ‘Yes’ for the warning, you will see a bigger version list. Choose an experimental, alpha, or beta version that you would like to play and launch your game.

How to Change Version of Minecraft Video Guide


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