How to Change Skin in Minecraft

One of the best aspects of Minecraft is the ability to modify nearly any aspect of the game. Changing your character’s appearance in the game isn’t possible within the Minecraft world itself. This is where Minecraft skins come in. Skins can change your character’s appearance, and add another element of customization to the sandbox game. This guide will help you learn how to change skin in Minecraft.

Can You Change Your Character Skin in Minecraft?

Yes, it is possible to change your character’s skin in Minecraft.

How to Change Skin in Minecraft Step-by-Step Guide

The method to change skins is different on various platforms

Desktop Editions

Step 1 – Open Minecraft Skins Website

Minecraft skins are available on This website contains the Skin Index library that contains all the various skins.

Step 2 – Choose a Skin

Click on any skin that you would like to apply to your character. There is a very useful search bar at the top if you want to search for a specific skin. If needed, you can also make your own skin. By default, you will see the most popular skins on the home page. If you want to see other skins, click on Top or Latest at the top-left side of the page.

Step 3 – Download Skin

After clicking on a skin, a new page will open. Click on the ownload’ button to download the file onto your PC. Depending on the browser settings, you may have to select the location to save the file or confirm the download.

Step 4 – Go to Profile

Go to the official Minecraft website at Click on the enu’ button depicted by 3 lines at the top right side of the page. A dropdown menu will appear. Click on rofile’ here. You will be taken to the Profile page. If you aren’t logged into your account, enter your credentials to view the Profile page.

Step 5 – Add Skin

Click on rowse’ or elect a File’ on the Profile page. Select the downloaded skin from your PC. Click on Open to upload it to the Profile page. Finally, click on ave’. You will see your avatar on this page change to the new skin.

Step 6 – Log Into Game

Log into Minecraft with the same credentials and your character will now have the new skin.

Pocket Edition

Step 1 – Choose Skins

Go to to see hundreds and thousands of custom skins.

Step 2 – Download Skin

Click on the specific skin to navigate to its page. Here you can download the skin onto your mobile device. When you click on the ownload’ button, it will take you to a new tab with only the skin. Tap and hold to bring up the menu that allows you to download the PNG file and save it.

Step 3 – Open the Game

Tap the Minecraft icon to open the game.

Step 4 – Apply Skin

A small coat hangar icon will be present beneath your character on the right side of the screen. Tap on it to open a new page with various skins. Tap on the blank skin in the efault’ section. You can now choose a new skin. Select the file that you had just downloaded. Note that the image may not look like the one you saw on the website and will resemble a spread out paper doll. After selecting it, two skin models will appear on the screen. Select one of them. If you are unsure which to select, choose the one to the right. Press onfirm’ at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 5 – Play the Game

You can now play the game with the new skin.

Console Editions

On the console editions, custom skins are not available like on the desktop and mobile versions. You may have to pay for certain skin and skin packs.

Step 1 – Open Minecraft

Launch the game on your console.

Step 2 – Change Skins

On the main Minecraft menu, choose elp & Options’, which is the fourth option from the top. A new menu will appear on the screen. Choose hange Skin’ to open the Skin Packs page.

Step 3 – Choose Skin

A list of all available skins will appear on the screen. Scroll through the options to view the various skin packs. When you have chosen a skin pack, scroll through the various skins available in the pack. Note that not all skins are free on the console editions. If there is a padlock icon present below any skin, it means that you need to pay for it. When you have decided which skin you want, press X (on PS) or A (on Xbox) to select it. A green checkmark will appear and the skin will be applied to your character.

How to Change Skin in Minecraft: Video Tutorial


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