How to Beat Minecraft

Although Minecraft can be played for an infinitely long time, there is a way to officially complete the game. The credits will roll only once you have defeated the Ender Dragon in the harrowing dimension known as he End’. This guide will serve as a comprehensive overview of how to beat Minecraft.

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How to Beat Minecraft Step-by-Step Guide

Initial Preparation

Step 1: Stock up on supplies

Fighting the Ender Dragon is no trivial task. You will need to go sufficiently prepared if you hope to defeat it without dying over and over again. It is advisable to have significant game experience and items before attempting this final battle. Firstly, you will need diamond weapons and armor. You will need up to eight diamonds to craft armor and seven diamonds to craft a sword. Be prepared to slog for a long time to obtain all the required diamonds. You will also need a bow, several arrows, ropes, torches, and a ladder. Stockpile as much food and water as possible to ensure a constant supply.

Step 2: Look for some obsidian

Obsidian can be found in deep underwater caves and ravines. They can sometimes spawn in secret rooms on the second and third floors of woodland mansions. A diamond or netherite pickaxe is the only way to mine this element. Obsidian can also be found in bastion remnants, nether fortresses, ruined portals, and certain villages. Blocks of obsidian can also be created by combining lava and water. To do this successfully, you will need to empty a bucket of lava on the ground and quickly pour water on the lava before it begins to flow. Special obsidian generators can be made using simple redstone devices.

Step 3: Gather Enderpearls and craft some Eyes of Ender

Enderpearls can be obtained by fighting and killing Endermen. Gather as many of these as possible and combine them with blaze powder to craft Eyes of Ender.

Step 4: Travel to the nether and find some nether wart

Nether wart is a scarce resource that can only be harvested from Soul Sand. Alternatively, you can find them in nether fortresses located in the nether realm. You will need to build a nether portal using obsidian and travel to this hellish dimension to find a nether fortress. Once inside a nether fortress, look for two tiny patches of nether wart right beside the stairs.

Step 5: Locate a stronghold in the Overworld

At this stage, Eyes of Ender will serve as invaluable guiding tools. Toss them into the air and head in the direction in which they fly. You will have to continue tossing these items until you eventually find an underground stronghold. Once you have found the stronghold, secure your position by fortifying the entrance. This will ensure that no hostile mobs follow you through the portal. Each stronghold houses just one nd Portal’. Insert Eyes of Ender into the twelve slots around the portal to activate it. Dive into the portal and travel to The End.

Fighting the Dragon and Ending the Game

Step 1: Beware of Endermen

Endermen are a common threat in The End. They will only turn hostile if you look them directly in the eye. The best way to avoid triggering a hostile response is to wear a pumpkin on your head. You can switch to a helmet once you begin fighting the Ender Dragon. Endermen cannot be damaged using arrows or other projectiles.

Step 2: Shatter all the Ender Crystals

The Ender Dragon will use these crystals to heal itself over the course of the battle. Use projectiles like arrows or snowballs to shatter these crystals and cripple the dragon. Attacking these crystals with a sword or ax is not recommended since they tend to explode on contact.

Step 3: Slay the dragon

Use a combination of melee and ranged attacks to bring down the Ender Dragon. Lava potions and fire potions are not effective against this foe. During the fight and while you are in The End, saving or reloading the game will result in the birth of a second dragon, making it significantly harder to complete the game. Ensure that you have enough time to complete the fight before you travel to this dimension.

Step 4: Collect your reward and head back to the Overworld

After the Ender Dragon is slain, it will drop an enormous amount of XP. Pick up this experience and use the exit portal to travel back to the Overworld. You have now successfully completed the game!


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